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Tray Loading and Unloading

Tray Loading & Unloading for Pouches of Prepared Food

Alongside their prepared foods operation, this Oregon-based manufacturer was running a contracted co-packing operation under the same roof that was becoming increasingly challenging to keep…

Tube Packing

Tubes of Personal Lubricant

This personal lubricant manufacturer and returning Pearson customer was in need of a solution that would automate the case erecting, packing, and sealing functions of…

DFAthumbnail2 1 1024x634

Cases of Dairy Products

With two Pearson palletizers already operating in the field, this Pennsylvania-based dairy manufacturer was ready to automate their third line after labor shortages peaked during…

RTL Vitamins 2 1

Bottles of Vitamins

When a leading vitamin manufacturer introduced a new product, their New York based co-packer came to Pearson for a dedicated packaging line that would be…

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An Efficient and Flexible Robotic Palletizing Solution

This fruit-based food manufacturer and co-packer struggled to keep up with increasing product demand, operating an outdated palletizer that could only stack boxes at rates…

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Juice Cup Loading

This juice cup manufacturer’s aging erect, pack and seal equipment was constantly going down and requiring frequent manual intervention to correct issues. Needing to increase…

Vertical Horizontal Packer 1024x488

Case Erecting + Vertical & Horizontal Packing + Sealing

In the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak, this co-packer needed to install two lines capable of handling a variety of wipe pouches, packed in both…

Robotic Product Patterning Image 1 1024x643

Robotic Product Patterning & Vertical Case Packing

This Arizona-based company was prepared to invest in a brand new co-packing facility and needed a packing solution dedicated to one customers’ snack pouch products….

Mixed pallet

Improving efficiencies and overcoming the challenges of mixed pallet stacks for one distribution warehouse

This global food and beverage distributor saw an opportunity to reduce labor and improve efficiencies by revamping their order fulfillment process. For optimal results, the…

RPC PR 1024x617

Side-by-Side Robotic Palletizers

This Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of CPAP, ventilator, and respirator equipment was faced with an explosion in demand in the wake of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Transitioning…