Secondary Packaging in the Personal Care Industry

Pearson Packaging Systems has more than 65 years of experience producing end-of-line packaging equipment for personal care products. Our solutions enable you to optimize your company's secondary packaging processes into highly efficient operations. We will help you meet your production goals and fulfill the expectations of manufacturers, retailers and consumers. 

Benefits of our personal product packaging solutions include:

  • Reliable and consistent protection during transport
  • Preserves visual appeal for the retailer and end-user
  • Built-in flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions
  • More control over supply chain costs



Wet Wipe Case Packing

Over six decades, we've executed more than 21,000 successful machine deployments worldwide including many robotic integrations. You will have more confidence knowing your personal care packaging project is in expert hands.

Meeting the Proliferation of Flexible Packaging

The personal care products industry continues to reinvent itself, which directly impacts manufacturers' packaging requirements. The rigid plastic materials that served the industry well for many years are giving way to more flexible and sustainable options. Consumers demand packages that are portable and resealable, enhance product evacuation, and minimize waste. As the primary packaging changes, so do the requirements for the secondary packaging. 

Pearson can help your business stay current with the changing marketplace by providing innovative packaging equipment and integrated systems tailored to your evolving needs. By using robotics and other advanced technologies, we supply machinery that accommodates a wide range of product and case sizes, styles and production speeds.

Vision and line tracking are technologies we regularly employ to provide maximum flexibility in our personal care packaging solutions. This advanced tool enables a machine to "see" what's coming down the production line, indicates its positioning and orientation and identifies gaps between products. This allows the robot to know what to pick, from where and adjust to inconsistent or random product infeed. The result is a simpler, smaller and more flexible system. 

Manufacturing Challenges That Automation Solves

Automating your secondary personal care packaging process adds value to your company in several ways:

  • Meet increased demand: If your operation is expanding or you need to ramp up production during peak times, automation enables you to pack higher quantities faster and get the products out the door more quickly. The result is better service to your customers, fewer late shipments and no more missed opportunities due to not filling orders on time. 
  • Reduced labor costs: Is your business experiencing higher employee turnover than you'd like? Our automated personal care packaging solutions reduce your dependency on human labor. You can spend less time filling vacancies on your production line, enabling you to devote more attention to other essential activities. In addition, improved ergonomics and the reduced need for repetitive tasks, keeps your workforce safer and your company protected from avoidable L&I claims.
  • Support for co-packing companies: Some personal care product operations don't have the facilities, manpower or resources to handle packaging internally. Instead, they rely on outsourcing to co-packing companies to manage the task. Co-packers in turn rely on Pearson and its broad portfolio of case erectors, packers, sealers and palletizers to ensure optimal efficiency and superior results that manufacturers demand.
  • Multiple SKUs: Does your company produce the same product for several end-customers and retail locations? This proliferation of SKUs has resulted in a dramatic increase of changeovers in packaging lines. To ease the burden and support your operators in the changeover process, our personal care equipment comes with the most advanced human-machine interface in the personal care packaging market. It is centered around the principles of human-centered design and provides intuitive, efficient support for your machine operators and maintenance technicians. We can also provide automatic changeover for our case packing solutions to further reduce the need for manual interference.

Our Personal Care Product Packaging Solutions

At Pearson, our extensive capabilities set us apart from many other personal care, beauty and medical packaging companies. The following list contains products that we have handled with our secondary packaging solutions:

  • Wipes: Resealable, flow-wrapped pouches containing face, baby or sanitation products
  • Tubes: Containers for creams, gels and lotions
  • Dispenser bottles: Used for hair spray, liquid soap, hand sanitizers and hospital-grade surface disinfectants
  • Tottles: Bottles that rest on their caps typically containing lotions, sunscreens or hair care products
  • Bags: Contains salts or gels
  • Cartons: Feminine hygiene products and flexible packages of diapers

No matter which product you manufacture or distribute, we will work with you to develop and implement a streamlined packaging approach tailored to your unique operating environment. Trust our decades of experience and expertise working with these and other personal care products.

The Pearson Solution

Other advantages of working with the Pearson team include:

  • Intuitive and consistent machine interface: The best machine is only as good as the operator that uses it. With our user-centric design and easy to use machine interface that is consistent across the entire portfolio, we make it easy for your operator and maintenance techs.
  • Ability to modify and upgrade systems as needed: As changes in demand, product lines and other production requirements occur, we help you adapt your system accordingly.
  • Superior customer service and lead times: We understand that in your fast-paced environment every day and every hour counts. We offer fast turnaround times to ensure you can maintain your tight production schedules.
  • Continuous support from sales, aftermarket and technical service teams: Trust Pearson to stay with you to help you meet your ongoing personal product packaging needs.