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Case Sealer

If your packaging operation is handling high volumes of products, an automatic box sealer will be an excellent investment with a quick return. Explore our Case Sealer portfolio at a glance to find the machine that is most suitable for your application.

Case Sealer Applications

Automatic box closers fold case flaps down and apply tape or glue to seal the box. A reliable seal and squareness of the completed box are important quality marks. Pearson Packaging Systems’ case sealers ensure that tape is cut well, hot-melt glue is applied at the right time and amount without excess overspray or angel hair, enough pressure is applied to create a secure bond, and that the box travels through the closing and sealing section of the machine without being skewed. The specific characteristics of your packaging operation will influence the machine selection and configuration. Line speed, case size, product weight, and consumable savings objectives including the use of shied flaps or narrower tape determine which machine and option are right for your box closing application. Pearson Case Sealers come in several models and can be further enhanced to address specific challenges or objectives. Our technical experts are happy to help you select the right case sealer and options.

  • Large cases: If your packaging operation uses large cases or lightweight products such as garments, baked goods, or plastics, the CS25-XL could be a great choice. The machine is optimized to securely close the flaps without needing counter pressure from the product inside the box.
  • Variable case sizes: E-commerce operations that package a variety of products in random order benefit from our high-speed random box close. Our CS30RT case sealer measures each box to enable fully random infeed of any size box within the range of the machine's capability.
  • Fast lines: High-speed operations are supported by our high-efficiency CS40 model with case rates up to 67 cases per minute (CPM).
  • Trays and side sealing: In conjunction with our bliss formers, we offer a bliss and tray sealer capable of speeds up to 45 boxes per minute. The SS45 side flange sealer effectively addresses the skewing issues often experienced with continuous motion side sealers.

On top of the core functions of each case sealer, every machine offers many customization options that expand the capability of the machine such as oversized and undersized case support, bottom tape seal, glue on demand or high and low temperature packages. With Pearson Packaging Systems, you can tailor your automatic case sealer to your manufacturing and packaging needs to maximize the benefit to your operation.

Benefits of Pearson Box Sealers

Introducing an automatic case sealer into your operation usually provides a very quick return on your investment:

  • Increased output: With a more efficient means of sealing boxes, your operation will be able to handle higher throughput rates of packaged products.
  • Lower operational costs: Our automatic case sealers are built for 24/7 operations. Depending on the speed of your operation, one machine generally replaces several workers per shift.
  • Enhanced packaging quality: Automation enhances consistency. Cases will be square, flaps are evenly closed, and tape will be smooth and at the right length, making your packages more attractive all around.
  • Improved security: A securely closed box, whether using tape or glue protects your product during transport and minimizes damage, loss and a tarnished brand reputation.
  • Reduced employee injuries: Repetitive motions like taping boxes for an extended period of time easily leads to injuries. Automation eliminates this risk and cost factor.

Case Sealers From Pearson Packaging Systems

With a case sealer for Pearson Packaging Systems, you can increase productivity and improve the quality of your packaging overall, making it a fantastic investment for your manufacturing operation. If you have further questions about our box sealers, contact us for more information. If you're interested in one of our products, request a quote and we'll get back to you with pricing and more product-related information.

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