Post-Purchase Upgrades

To keep your machines running efficiently, Pearson offers a number of electrical, mechanical, sealing and guarding upgrades. The below list is not exhaustive of all upgrade modifications available for each individual machine model, but highlights the most frequently requested items. If you are looking to improve a specific issue, please contact us so we can help identify the best way to accomplish that.


  • Bar Code Reader

    Bar code readers can be added for a variety of applications including detecting whether the proper cases are entering the machine, automating machine adjustments based on code, and having cases bypass the machine.

  • Controls System

    We offer complete controls systems upgrades to replace obsolete and failing systems; this includes replacing the PLC, HMI, VFDs, servos, and related parts. Individual component replacements, such as servo upgrades, may also drive control processor (PLC) replacement.

  • Discharge Jam Detection

    This bliss former and tray former option adds sensing capability to detect jams in the discharge conveyer area. When a jam is detected, machine operation is stopped in the fault condition.

  • HMI

    HMIs can be upgraded to a larger size, color, and even the addition of RFID card scanners and presence sonar for operator and maintenance personnel identification. HMIs can also be upgraded to incorporate User Centric Design features of Pearson’s newest machines, which include graphics and procedures for setup, changeovers, fault recovery, and preventive maintenance. We recommend replacing obsolete HMIs to prevent unplanned downtime.

  • Independent End Panel Feed

    This Bliss former option adds the new machine capability of independent end-panel feed controls, with dedicated photo eyes and valves for left and right magazine.

  • Magazine Low Level Detection

    Options provide magazine low-level sensors on bliss former machines. The machine operator is notified via the HMI when magazine levels get below a customer-specified level.

  • Multi-Color Machine Lighting Package

    A standard four-light LED beacon and multi-color interior machine lighting provide high-visibility of the machine status. The machine lighting also improves visibility inside the machine during maintenance activities.

  • Remote Access Router

    A remote access router mounted in the electrical cabinet allows secure Internet VPN connection to a machine or system for support and control program change needs. This capability is included with every Pearson engineered system and as an option on all individual machines. Remote service access offers the potential to reduce on-site service trips. Internet connectivity is available via direct Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or cellular methods.


  • Club Store/End of Aisle Display Box

    This option allows bliss formers with belt drive systems to erect boxes with cut outs or windows in addition to standard bliss boxes.

  • Dual Overhead Flights

    For high-speed case erectors, dual overhead flights will assist the transfer of large open depth cases with short length through the set-up area to the discharge.

  • Heavy Case Kits

    Heavy corrugated or odd-sized cases sometimes require additional vacuum cups with independent vacuum generators. Options include extra vacuum cups for magazine pick-off and setup arms and spring loaded magazine clips for improved magazine pull out.

  • Magazine Extensions

    Case erector magazine extensions allow longer continuous machine operation between magazine reloads. A variety of magazine extension upgrades are available from 2 to 16 feet depending on the machine and available floor space.

  • Magazine Following Paddle

    For large and/or double-wall cases, a following paddle improves the reliability of knockdown movement within the magazine.

  • New Size Mandrel

    There are many options available for new mandrels and ram mechanisms including new-sized mandrel plates, adjustable mandrels, split mandrels, quick change mandrels, offset mandrels, and shock absorber back up plates. Related options are available to convert pneumatic rams to mechanical or servo operation.​

  • New Product/Case Sizes

    New products sometimes require new case sizes. Conversion parts and/or new mandrels for new case sizes are among the most common upgrades for Pearson case erectors and sealers. Related upgrade options include adjustable mandrels, ram backup plates, extended machine range, bar code readers, plenums, and robot end-of-arm-tools (EOAT). On some machines, Pearson is able to extend the standard range of the machine for tall/oversized or undersized cases.

  • Quick Changeover

    Multiple options include quick-change mandrels and upgrading from linear scales to hand cranks with digital counters for various changeover points. Examples of changeover points include compression ram, moving ram assembly upstream/downstream, knockdown length adjustment, and ram backup plate assemblies.

  • Servo Options

    In many applications, pneumatic functionality can be upgraded to servo motor control. Examples include servo ram, flap kickers, and flight control designs. There are also upgrades to newer servo motor product families. Related PLC upgrades may be necessary.

  • Servo Spare Parts

    Servo spare-parts kits on selected machines provide all backup servo motors, servo drives, and related power and feedback cables.


  • Glue Stitching

    For bliss formers and other glue system machines, options are available for random or symmetrical glue stitching. Upgrades on older machines typically include an upgraded processor and related programming but use existing glue valves and guns if in working order. For random stitching, each glue nozzle can be controlled independently.

  • Glue System Upgrades

    Pearson offers updated replacement glue systems for case erectors, bliss and tray formers, and case sealers. Partnering with multiple glue system providers, we’re expertly equipped to help determine, install, and support the glue solution best suited for the application. We recommend replacing Moen bliss former glue systems in advance of replacement parts becoming unavailable for purchase.

  • Tape Assist

    Often used for thin-walled or under-packed cases to prevent case collapsing, tape assist provides air-cylinder control of the tape head for consistent sealing. PLC programming is included.


  • Additional Machine Guarding

    Beyond the standard machine safety guarding, additional guarding is available for overhead adjustment mechanisms, undercarriage chains, infeed and discharge areas, and even fully enclosed machine perimeters.

  • Guard Door Replacement

    Available machine guard door enhancements include glass replacement and interlock options (non-contact Rockwell Sensaguard or magnetic).

  • Multi-Color Machine Lighting Package

    A standard four-light LED beacon and multi-color interior machine lighting provide high-visibility of the machine status. The machine lighting also improves visibility inside the machine during maintenance activities.