Real Partners. That Simple.

This is Pearson’s commitment to our customers. To deliver on that promise, we rely on a strong network of suppliers focused on diversity, excellence and safety.

Our Commitment To You

Pearson Packaging Systems works in close partnership with its suppliers around the globe. We recognize the importance of forging strong relationships with our strategic suppliers in the interest of mutual prosperity. A relationship is more than just a simple purchase transaction - it is a collaborative partnership between two companies. With the help of our vendor base, we are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to not only deliver value to our customers but also to strengthen the communities where we do business.

Our Values


“We do what we say we are going to do.” As a company, we stand behind our products and services. As individuals, we demonstrate the highest level of business ethics and personal integrity through honesty, fairness and reliability. As an extension of our business, our suppliers are held to the same standards.


We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees and customers, and we rely on vendors who share our vision for minimizing any safety risk concerns.


We like to meet our customers’ expectations EVERY time. That is an ambitious goal that we cannot achieve without the support of reliable, innovative and responsive vendors.

Continuous Improvement

Leaders continually challenge the status quo. As such, Pearson has a dedicated team of Six Sigma Black Belts tasked to continually evaluate business processes, identify improvement opportunities and systematically deploy innovative solutions. Our suppliers play a key role in this process and are often invited to take part in our LEAN, SIX SIGMA and TRIZ programs.


Diversity in our supply chain means flexibility, business continuity and equal opportunity. Suppliers are measured by their ability to provide value to our Machinery or Integrated Systems businesses, regardless of type of ownership, race or gender.

Growth and Profitability

The essence of our business is to help our customers become more efficient through packaging automation. As they grow and become more profitable, so do we and in turn our suppliers - one team striving toward a common goal!

Become a Supplier

Pearson Packaging Systems provides significant growth opportunities to a variety of local, national and global suppliers. If your business shares our values, we look forward to learning more about your products, services and capabilities. Read our Supplier Terms and Conditions for more information.