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Standard Robotic Palletizer

Palletization may be one of the last steps in the packaging sequence before your product gets loaded onto the truck and distributed to retailers or warehouses; however, it is also one of the most injury-prone tasks especially when done manually. As such, palletizing often ends up being the first part of a line that gets automated.

Whether you want to reduce the risk of injuries associated with heavy lifting or remove bottlenecks at the end of your packaging line, cost and space constraints may have held you back from pursuing automated palletizers. Explore our Standard Robotic Palletizer portfolio at a glance to find the machine that is most suitable for your application.

Robotic vs Traditional Palletizing

Robotic palletization offers distinct advantages over conventional methods. Smaller footprint, multi-tasking ability, flexibility to accommodate changes in product or pallet patterns and automatic tool changeovers are just a few. In addition, the cost of robots has significantly decreased over the past decade making robotic palletizers not only a viable option but often a preferred one. While mechanical palletizers are very useful in extremely fast and low variability applications, they also require more energy and maintenance.

Standard Palletizers for Space and Cost-Savings

Generally, robotic projects are highly customized to the application taking product type, size and weight, infeed and discharge requirements, amount of SKUs and other project requirements into account. However, in working with many of our customers over the past thirty years of robotic integration, we were able to identify commonalities that allowed us to develop a standardized product offering. Our portfolio features four different models that are all highly cost-effective, space-conscious and user-friendly. As a standardized product, our standard robotic palletizers also have a short lead time. They are built on a common base, which can be loaded onto a truck with a forklift and allows for quick start-up and portability within your manufacturing facility.

  • Compact Palletizer: Our RPC-C is our smallest unit at just over 10x7 ft. The robotic cell offers a single pallet build station with manual load/unload function
  • Dual Floor Palletizer: Our RPC-DF doubles your build stations to provide continuous operation but maintains a manual load/unload function.
  • Over/Under Palletizer: Our RPC-OU has a dual pallet conveyor. Empty pallets are supplied on the bottom level while full pallets are discharged on the upper level providing continuous operations without manual interference.
  • Pallet Handling Palletizer: Our RPC-PH automates not only the pallet load and discharge function but it also provides automatic slip sheet handling.

Simple Operation through HMI

Despite the proliferation of robots in the packaging automation industry, some customers are still hesitant because they expect that they need specialized knowledge to operate and maintain the robotic cell. Pearson’s Human-Machine-Interface or short HMI is designed to be intuitive for new users. In addition to fault alerts and instructions on how to clear a fault, a simple-to-use pallet configuration tool allows you to quickly create, modify, copy or clear new pallet pattern recipes or adjust parameters such as case or pallet height, number of layers, pick/drop speeds or delays during production. Using pre-programmed recipes, a changeover can be accomplished in under 1min. Once trained by us, setting up new recipes may take 5min – 10min.

Increase Efficiency With Pearson Robotic Palletizers

With the reliable operation of a robotic case palletizer, you quickly increase the efficiency of your manufacturing process and reduce your operational costs.

  • Increase speed: Our standard robotic palletizers operate at speeds of up to 12 cases/min
  • Prevent injuries: In addition to reducing the risk for possible injuries from repeated heavy lifting, our robotic palletizing cells are guarded with fencing and in some instances light curtains to prevent any human contact with a moving robot.
  • Lower expenses: Pearson's standard palletizers not only reduce manpower and all associated costs, but since their price-point is very aggressive, you quickly realize the return on your investment.
  • Save space: Our standard palletizer line offers a highly compact footprint, enabling increased productivity without sacrificing valuable workspace.

Get a Quote for Your Pearson Robotic Palletizer

Automatic Standardized palletizing systems can be an excellent investment for your enterprise. If you're interested in increasing the efficiency of your manufacturing operation and want to explore if a standard palletizing unit satisfies your needs, request a quote today. Contact us if you have questions or would like more information on one of our palletizing models. Get started on upgrading your operation with our Pearson standard robotic palletizers.