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Secondary Packaging is an important part of the product manufacturing and distribution process. It provides insulation and protection for your products on their way to end customers, businesses and warehouses. Pearson Packaging Systems' automatic case erectors enable you to speed up operations and reduce the need for human labor at your facility. As the overall availability of personnel is continuing to be scarce while labor costs keep rising, automation solutions such as case erectors are becoming essential tools to help you stay competitive. Explore our Case Erector portfolio at a glance to find the machine that is most suitable for your application

How Our Case Erecting Equipment Works

Pearson automatic case erectors are specifically designed for high volume manufacturers and distributors requiring robust packaging automation solutions to maintain a steady pace and meet throughput goals in their often 24/7 operations. The machines streamline the packaging process by forming knockdown corrugated cardboard blanks into consistently square boxes and applying a high-quality seal with tape or glue. A dual-opposed vacuum force reliably opens the corrugated blank by grasping the case from both sides simultaneously. Synchronized dual chain drives then transport the case through the closing and sealing section ensuring erected cases are square as they exit the machine.

Increase Efficiency With Pearson Box Formers

At Pearson, we offer both high-speed and low-speed case erectors for a wide variety of box styles and sizes to fit applications of various types. Customization options are versatile to support oversized and undersized cases as well as tall and unstable boxes. In addition, many convenience features are available on Pearson case erectors, as well as optional advanced technologies such as remote access capability.

Some of our most efficient product options, such as the CE50 and CE50-UG case erectors, can perform at a rate of up to 50 boxes per minute. Our random robotic case erector (RRCE) handles multiple cases at once for ultimate flexibility and downtime savings since it doesn't require changeovers.

For over 65 years, Pearson Packaging Systems has supported the automatization of the packaging process with its large portfolio of small-footprint case erectors.

Benefits of Our Products

If you are still hand-erecting boxes, you are probably experiencing some or all of the drawbacks including inconsistent availability of labor, the high cost to recruit, train and maintain an efficient workforce and the often varying quality levels of output. It also takes time for workers to form and seal boxes effectively and the repetitive motion easily leads to costly injuries. Automated box forming reduces the need for manual labor and delivers a faster, more consistent performance at a much lower per-unit cost. In just a few seconds our machines erect and seal your box meeting the highest quality standards.

Investing in our case erecting equipment will lower your long-term costs by cutting down on the need to recruit, train and pay extra workers. In addition, you will most likely be able to do the same work in just a fraction of the time!

For more information about the case erector solutions we offer, you can fill out our online contact form or request a quick quote for a specific piece of equipment.

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