Discover the Diversity of Pearson

From tacos and tomato sauce to hairspray and baby wipes, motor oil and grass seed or e-commerce and distribution centers, Pearson case erectors, packers, sealers and palletizers find their application in a wide variety of industries.

Keep your product safe during transport, handling and distribution. High-volume food and beverage producers have long relied on Pearson box formers, packers, sealers and palletizers to meet throughput goals and control supply chain costs.

Product integrity is of utmost importance to this industry, where a perfect presentation goes a long way in reinforcing product quality and performance. Many leading brands rely on Pearson's robust automation equipment.

From large industrial applications to small end-consumer quantities, products come in all shapes and sizes and shipping containers have to hold from 'few' to 'many'. Pearson's portfolio flexibly addresses the various needs of household and industrial chemical manufacturers.

Long dependent on manual labor, the warehouse and distribution industry has turned to Pearson to combat the growing cost, safety and availability concerns. Our innovative automation solutions can be found in the distribution centers of many of today's household names.