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A bliss box is a special type of casing used to store, transport and sometimes even display products that may need some extra security and stability. This multi-piece box generally comes with a body and side panels, which are sealed with hot melt glue to ensure exceptional durability and strength. As such, building bliss boxes does not lend itself well to a manual process. That is why, Pearson Packaging Systems offers fully automatic bliss style box formers that are fast, easy to operate and designed to deliver consistent performance 24 hours a day. Explore our Bliss Former portfolio at a glance to find the machine that is most suitable for your application.

Use Bliss Formers to Ensure Product Integrity

At Pearson Packaging Systems, we understand how important it is to stay ahead of the competition. Ensuring that your product will arrive safely at the retail outlet can save you significant costs in lost or damaged product and blemished brand reputation. Bliss boxes provide unique durability and stacking strength that is particularly beneficial for heavy or delicate products to avoid damage during packaging and transport.

In 2012, Pearson Packaging acquired Moen Industries, which was specialized in bliss and tray forming machinery and incorporated its line of bliss formers into our portfolio.

Pearson Bliss Former Applications

Pearson bliss formers can set up a variety of sturdy shipper and display-ready, two and three-piece bliss boxes. Our equipment is optimized for varying applications such as incorporating an H-divider or larger and smaller box sizes.

Pearson's BF25, BF30 and BF40 models form and seal high-quality bliss boxes and range in speed from 25 to 40 cases per minute.

Some ideal applications for bliss boxes include produce and other sensitive goods as well as heavy items such as bottles of laundry detergent or industrial size bags of sauces or syrups. Meanwhile, a bliss former makes it easy to form and seal these boxes, so you can keep operations moving efficiently.

The Advantage of Bliss Former Machines

Working in the packaging and shipping business is all about finding new ways to increase productivity while staying one step ahead of the competition. Pearson bliss former machines are accurate and efficient, helping you make the most of every hour and delivering a consistent performance from start to finish. They can make your productivity goals a reality by providing a range of benefits, including:

  • Efficient automation: Instead of relying on regular RSC cases and forming boxes by hand, bliss formers support efficient packaging operations using sturdy bliss boxes to protect your product's integrity. An otherwise extremely laborious process can be easily automated with our bliss forming equipment.
  • Lower costs: No more damaged products, pallet stacks that can't support their own weight and badly looking retail displays that lead to tainted brand perceptions. Pearson bliss formers reduce such unwanted costs with their ability to reliably build extremely sturdy corrugated boxes.
  • Additional value: Pearson bliss formers are well established and proven pieces of equipment that have stood the test of time. Formerly build under the Moen brand, the machines now feature all of Pearson's standard technology enhancements such as the industry's most advanced HMI with User Centric Design, remote access capability, CAT3 safety redundancy and many more.

You can learn about the features and benefits of our machines by checking out our product pages below. If you’re interested in a specific product, feel free to fill out our contact form or request a quote today.


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