Chemical Product Packaging

Secondary Packaging in the Household & Industrial Chemicals Industry

The chemical product industry encompasses an ever-widening variety of products. From common household products such as surface cleaners and laundry detergents to industrial size weed killers or buckets of paint, these and other products serve the needs of individual households, schools, hospitals, restaurants and businesses of all types and sizes.

secondary packaging for detergent

As market demand continues to increase and new packaging formats, quantities and pack patterns are introduced at rapid intervals, how well is your operation positioned to succeed under these conditions? Are you struggling to find enough labor to meet your production goals, but at the same time need to keep a close eye on costs to ensure they are not outpacing your profits?

Preparing your household and industrial chemical products for distribution to the various retail outlets, distribution centers or
end-customers is a highly repetitive and mundane task. Forming boxes, loading them, closing and stacking them on a pallet, lends itself perfectly to automation enabling workers to be utilized for more engaging and less physically taxing tasks. 

Manufacturing Challenges That Automation Solves

Imagine how an automated packaging line could improve your business operation:

  • Reduced dependency on labor that is often difficult to find and retain
  • Increased operating efficiency and lower costs contributes to a better bottom line
  • Enhanced throughput capacity enables growth
  • Consistent pack quality reduces overall waste, product loss and damages to your brand’s reputation
  • Built-in flexibility supports continuously evolving market demands

Integrating automation into your end-of-line packaging processes adds substantial value to your organization. It effectively addresses increased demand without the need for additional headcount. Especially, if spiraling labor, recruitment and training costs are draining your organization's profits, automation is the answer. And it is a win-win for everybody. As your existing workers move on to more engaging tasks such as equipment operation and supervision, job satisfaction rises, which often results in reduced turnover. In addition, safety and ergonomics improve, minimizing expensive workers' compensation claims and the number of repetitive stress injuries.

With over 65 years of experience in designing, building and servicing secondary packaging automation equipment, Pearson Packaging Systems has helped many manufacturers of household and industrial chemicals in streamlining their end-of-line operations and increasing efficiencies. From automated box formers to top-load case packers, glue or tape sealers and robotic palletizers, Pearson Packaging Systems has a broad portfolio to meet the end-to-end needs of automated secondary packaging lines.

Considerations for Providers of Household and Industrial Chemicals

The following are important considerations that not only affect the selection of your automation equipment but also determine which automation provider might be the right fit for your household and industrial chemical packaging process:

  • Product weight: Household and industrial chemical products range in weight and size, but heavier products may benefit from using bliss boxes over regular slotted containers (RSC) to help stabilize the pallets. These bliss boxes are formed from two or more corrugated pieces glued together which creates additional stacking strength. In addition to regular case erectors, Pearson offers automated bliss formers and sealers. Our experts also have extensive experience handling heavy jugs, cartons, lay-flat and stand-up bags and liquid-filled pouches, bags, tubs and bottles.
  • Retail-ready packaging: If your products must be loaded in an up-right position for retail-ready containers, talk to our experts about the right solution for your product. We have various solutions depending on your product and pack requirements. 
  • SKU proliferation: The ongoing introduction of new product and pack variations leads to shorter production runs and frequent changeovers that place additional strain on the efficiency of your packaging process. The need to keep downtime from frequent changeovers as low as possible is real and Pearson’s equipment supports that goal with an advanced human-machine interface that intuitively guides operators and maintenance techs. Your team will be able to perform changeovers faster and more accurately. Robotics can further reduce the need for manual intervention by handling multiple products without changeover or executing a tool changeover completely independently.
  • Caustic environments: Chemical product manufacturing often results in caustic environments. To prevent corrosion and keep your equipment running well, all our machines are also available in stainless steel and washdown construction options.

Whether you are looking for an expert to automate your box forming, loading, sealing or palletizing, Pearson Packaging Systems offers you a single source supplier experience for all your secondary packaging automation needs. As the household and industrial product industry evolves, we help you find efficiencies in your packaging operation to stay competitive while adapting to your customers’ changing needs. Our packaging equipment accommodates a wide range of case sizes, styles and speeds, as well as varying product count, sizes and shapes. The use of robotics, vision and line tracking and other advanced product handling and loading techniques ensures that our case packing solutions are defined by flexibility and simplicity to adapt to frequent production changes or adjustments to market demands.

Our Household and Chemical Products Packing Solutions

Household and industrial chemical products vary in shape and size. However, Pearson Packaging Systems has extensive experience handling bags, bottles, tubs, flow-wrapped or shrink-sleeved products and ridgid containers. From large bags of kitty litter, to bottles of laundry scent boosters, rigid detergent blocks, jugs of grass seed and fertilizers, buckets of paint, flow-wrapped packages of cleaning wipes, rolls of tape or trash bags, we have successfully automated the product handling and case packing operation of a wide variety of products.  

Your product may be new to us, but your product container is most likely not. With our extensive experience, we apply proven material and product handling techniques to solve your unique application.

Pearson's Portfolio

Partner with Pearson Packaging Systems for your secondary packaging needs and experience competitive advantages that help your household and industrial chemical packaging operation to thrive:

  • Single-source supplier for every area of your packaging line
  • Uniform human-machine interfaces, providing a user-centric design and consistent results
  • Fast turnaround times — Pearson's case sealers and erectors can ship in as little as 30 days
  • Remote access that enables our team to respond quickly and affordably to technical issues and keep your projects on schedule
  • Ongoing support from our sales, aftermarket and technical service teams

The Pearson Solution

Other advantages of working with the Pearson team include:

  • Intuitive and consistent machine interface: The best machine is only as good as the operator that uses it. With our user-centric design and easy to use machine interface that is consistent across the entire portfolio, we make it easy for your operator and maintenance techs.
  • Ability to modify and upgrade systems as needed: As changes in demand, product lines and other production requirements occur, we help you adapt your system accordingly.
  • Superior customer service and lead times: We understand that in your fast-paced environment every day and every hour counts. We offer fast turnaround times to ensure you can maintain your tight production schedules.
  • Continuous support from sales, aftermarket and technical service teams: Trust Pearson to stay with you to help you meet your ongoing personal product packaging needs.

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