Machine Tape


PearsonTape is a line of industrial grade packaging tapes, engineered to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability, ensuring your processes are efficient, and cost-effective. With a wide range of options, Pearson’s self-adhesive case sealing tapes are suitable for any packaging applications including cold and hot temperatures, requiring FDA compliance, and a variety of surfaces including challenging material with high recycled content.

Optimized for High-Speed Automated Packaging

PearsonTape products have been carefully selected to support the optimal performance of your automated packaging equipment. Avoid hidden costs associated with package returns, damaged goods, and customer dissatisfaction due to inadequate sealing, tearing or splitting. In addition, short lead times and competitive pricing make PearsonTape the perfect adhesive companion for your automated Pearson Case Erector, Bliss Former or Sealer. 

Industrial Grade Machine Tape Features

  • Excellent Adhesion and Holding Power
  • Outstanding Edge Tear and Split Resistance
  • Available for a Wide Temperature Range from -20°F to 200°F
  • Highly Resistive to Aging and Yellowing
  • Quick and Aggressive Bonding for High-Speed Application
  • Conforms to FDA Specs: 21 CFR 175.105 and CFR 177.1520 for Indirect Food Contact (Clear Tape Only)
  • Cost-Competitive
  • Made in North America

Hot Melt Tape Options

  • PearsonTape Thickness Description Service Temp. Application Temp. Data Sheet
  • H-1830

    1.83 mils

    Industrial Purpose 30-140°F 50-110°F Download PDF
  • H-1850CT

    1.85 mils

    Cold Temperature -15-100°F 20-110°F Download PDF
  • H-1870ST

    1.87 mils

    Super Tack 30-140°F 50-110°F Download PDF
  • H-2030

    2.03 mils

    Premium Grade 30-140°F 50-110°F Download PDF
  • H-2440

    2.44 mils

    High Performance 30-140°F 50-110°F Download PDF
  • H-2830

    2.83 mils

    Superior Performance 30-140°F 50-110°F Download PDF
  • H-3460

    3.46 mils

    Ultra Superior 30-140°F 50-110°F Download PDF

Acrylic Tape Options

  • PearsonTape acrylic tapes are made with 100% Rohm & Haas adhesives (now made by Dow Chemical)
  • Suitable for extreme damp and cold environments
  • PearsonTape Thickness Description Service Temp. Application Temp. Data Sheet
  • A-1900ST

    1.9 mils

    Super Tack -20-200°F 32-140°F Download PDF
  • A-2000

    2.0 mils

    Industrial Purpose -20-200°F 32-140°F Download PDF
  • A-2400

    2.4 mils

    High Performance -20-200°F 32-140°F Download PDF
  • A-3100

    3.1 mils

    Superior Performance -20-200°F 32-140°F Download PDF

Consult our tape specialist to help make the right selection for your application.