Case Study


Bliss Forming – Club Store Compliant Display Cases

Project Overview

This West Coast-based specialty meats manufacturer needed to improve the case forming portion of their bagged jerky line. Manually forming rollover cases was a cumbersome, injury-prone, and time consuming task that was hindering production and becoming increasingly challenging with ongoing labor shortages.

The manufacturer adopted a new bliss display case that could be automatically produced on Pearson bliss forming equipment. The boxes met Costco’s supplier requirements, with a 4-window display to allow customers access from all sides, and triangular corners to ensure product protection and stacking strength.


  • Bliss boxes with 4-side display windows and triangulated corners

Required Rates

  • 25cpm


  • Labor reduction
  • Reliable formation of their new 3-piece case style
  • Box squareness and strength to meet the requirements of club retailers


Labor Reduction

Eliminated all manual case forming functions, freeing up (5) dedicated employees for other roles

Square, Sturdy Display Cases

Boxes meeting club store requirements for stacking, product integrity, and consumer access

Sequence of Operations

A Pearson BF30-G Bliss Former fully replaces manual case forming requirements, with only a single operator needed to oversee the line and restock consumables.

Body wrap blanks are housed in horizontal orientation on a gravity-fed magazine, while end panel blanks are stored vertically in a powered magazine with a following paddle. Each magazine design ensures blanks are properly positioned for picking.

At the active forming section, the side panels are fed inward and formed around the mandrel as glue is applied. The body wrap is fed beneath the mandrel, and the sides are folded up and around the side panels as the mandrel deploys downward. Consistent compression is applied to ensure case squareness and a secure glue seal.

Pearson continues to work with the manufacturer to further automate their secondary packaging line, discussing the opportunity for a vertical packing solution in the near future.