Hot Melt Adhesive

PearsoMelt Hot Melt Adhesive

PearsonMelt is a line of packaging hot melt adhesives, specially formulated to meet the bonding needs of corrugated shipping containers while enhancing the performance of your automated packaging equipment and safeguarding your investment in the long run.

Hot melt adhesive should be a mere fraction of your total product cost, often less than 1/10th of one percent. Let’s keep it that way! PearsonMelt provides powerful bonding, great thermal stability and clean machining to keep your packaging automation’s total cost of ownership to a minimum. Avoid costly rejects, scraps, pop opens, returns, slowed production lines, mechanical failures and excessive spare parts with PearsonMelt hot melt adhesives.

Short lead times and competitive pricing make PearsonMelt the perfect adhesive companion for your automated Pearson Case Erector, Bliss Former or Sealer

Hot Melt Characteristics that help Lower Packaging Automation Total Cost of Ownership

Strong Bonds with Less Adhesive

  • Excellent bond strength of all PearsonMelt adhesive products means that superior bonds can be achieved with lower coat weights. This reduction results in substantial cost savings and eliminates thousands of pounds from landfills.
  • PearsonMelt metallocene adhesives are lower density compared to conventional hotmelts. Sold by the pound but consumed by volume, the reduced density results in more sealed cases per pound. Depending on your application, you can lower your hot melt consumption by up to 30%.

Thermal Stability for Minimal Maintenance and Maximum Uptime

  • High thermal stability increases pot life and efficiency, which is especially important if glue tanks operate non-stop.
  • Avoiding char formation in glue tank keeps your equipment clean and prevents clogged nozzles and hoses, minimizing maintenance cost, downtime and replacement parts.
  • Clean machining with excellent cut-off characteristics eliminates stringing cleanup and downtime. Excellent choice for adhesive stitching and high line speeds.

To experience how our PearsonMelt range of adhesives can improve your packaging operation and optimize the performance of your Pearson packaging equipment, contact us for a consultation and trial assistance.

All Available Hot Melt Formulas

  • Pearson Part # Description Softening Point Application Temperature Color Data Sheet
  • PearsonMelt110


    High Performance 227° F 350° F Clear / White Download PDF
  • PearsonMelt310


    General Purpose 226° F 350° F Clear / White Download PDF
  • PearsonMelt415LT


    Low Temperature 178° F 275° F Clear / White Download PDF
  • PearsonMelt506


    Bottle Labeling 155° F 275° F Light Amber Download PDF

Consult our hot melt specialist to find the right formula for your application.