You’ve got a product people want. You produce a lot of it; in fact, your production runs around the clock, most likely even on weekends. But do you have enough hands to set up boxes, pack, seal and stack them into trucks to go out the door in time?
When manual labor is in short supply, too unreliable, too expensive or too slow for your products to get to your customers, Pearson Packaging Systems is your answer. We are your one-stop-shop to automate and optimize your entire end-of-line packaging process.

WhyYou NeedUs

With a product in high-demand, optimizing and automating the packing process is unavoidable. However, while automation paybacks are extensive, the investment isn’t a small one either. So you want to be sure that after all is said and done, your production is meeting goals, operators are comfortably using and maintaining the equipment, total cost of ownership is minimal, and the “just-in-case” service support is reliable, quick and competent. You want a partner you can rely on.

Please Meet Pearson


In over 65 years, we deployed over 21,000 machines worldwide. And with almost 30 years of robotic integration under our belt, your secondary packaging project is in expert hands. Expertise that expands beyond machine design, build and service. Dedicated, experienced resources also support you in project management, system design and integration, parts and machine upgrades or modifications.


Different customers have different needs,  but ours have one thing in common. They are high-volume manufacturers in multi-shift environments where line uptime is a critical requirement to meet production throughput goals. From machine build to line design and supplementary services, Pearson has optimized its automation products and services around the demanding requirements of 24/7, high volume operations.

Single Source

There are equipment manufacturers, integrators, engineering firms, and consultants – all specialists in their chosen field. However, when it comes to end-of-line automation, you only need one source – Pearson Packaging Systems. If your products are top loaded, we are your single source provider for all secondary packaging needs, from individual equipment to fully integrated systems. We help you choose the right equipment, configure efficient layouts, recommend and source desired third party add-ons, manage your project to completion and provide service and assistance to keep things running smoothly.

Short Lead Times

You worked hard to get your project approved, now the clock is ticking. Whether allocated packaging automation budgets need to be spent by a particular fiscal point or products have to roll off the production line in time to meet contractual agreements – we understand and support you. Our turn-around times are industry leading with some core equipment being shipped in as little as 30 days. This also means that your down payments won’t be tied up in long build cycles.

Service Support

No matter how great your purchase experience is, what really matters is what happens if the packaging equipment fails to perform as expected. In that case, count on our extensive service organization with technicians at or near most major metropolitan areas. We are also committed to a timely solution, which means that if we cannot resolve a performance issue in the first service visit, we will return with an engineer to collaboratively find or design a successful fix. As one of only a handful of FANUC Certified Service Providers, we also have several technicians and engineers qualified to troubleshoot Fanuc robots on our own.

Packaging Machinery vs. Integrated Systems

Since Pearson made the strategic shift from exclusively building machines to providing complete end-of-line solutions, the company has seen tremendous growth. However, as the complexity of our integration projects continued to expand, separating the two businesses became increasingly desirable to maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction. The separation of the two groups is, in essence, a separation of product versus service offering - each satisfying very distinct customer requirements and depending on different processes and resources.

The machinery business designs, builds and services the automation equipment – Erectors, Packers, Sealers and Palletizers - and is focused on continuously advancing our technologies to meet the changing needs of our customers.

The Pearson Systems Solutions Group – Pearson’s highly specialized team of integration experts - concentrates on designing and implementing complete turnkey solutions by applying OEM equipment whichever way the application necessitates. As part of Pearson Packaging Systems with its machinery business, the Systems Solutions Group offers OEM level expertise of key system components while providing the competency and resourcefulness of an independent integrator.