User Centric Design

Help Your Operators Perform

Machine operators that perform their tasks independently free up your maintenance time and keep lines running smoother. Yet frequent turnover, language barriers, and skill gaps in these positions pose significant challenges to operations teams asked to meet production goals while reducing costs in the process.

Every machine in your line is different, and learning the ins and outs of each and every one of them takes time and technical skill – neither of which is freely available at most plants. To offset that burden and still ensure that machines run smoothly, we've dedicated considerable energy into optimizing the human-machine interface.

With an uncluttered design, intuitive navigation, interactive guides, live sensor maps and advanced maintenance features, the HMI has morphed into a personal assistant.

  • Minimize operator and technician training time
  • Increase changeover and fault-recovery speed
  • Promote improved machine maintenance and extend equipment life

Check out the videos of our User-Centric HMI (below), standard on all machines with HMI.

ucd MainScreen w Menu
ucd Changeover
ucd MainScreen w FaultAlert
ucd SensorMap

Pearson Partner Philosophy

Robust, reliable machines are the foundation of a high performing line. For over six decades, Pearson has built a name for itself. From box formers to packers, closers and palletizers, trust the experience of a long-term automation expert and explore modern features to support reliability, ease-of-use and fast changeover processes.

Support and Performance

Benefit from a uniform user interface for erecting, packing, sealing and palletizing equipment
Count on comprehensive sales, aftermarket and service support
Experience premier industry lead-times for faster delivery and shorter down-payment cycles
Optimally support a high-turnover labor force with the most advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI) in the secondary packaging industry
Expect a 24/7 rugged machine design optimized for durability and long equipment life
Rely on extensively trained and FANUC Certified technicians to service your FANUC robots
Have confidence in reliable, thought-out solutions based on 65 years of erecting, packing and sealing and 30 years of robotic integration experience
Depend on our team of project managers to provide ongoing visibility to meet timelines and budgets
Always lean on us for 24/7 live service support