High-performing machines are the result of quality components and ongoing learning and advancement. While we are open to special customer requests, we standardize on industry-leading suppliers for our components and integrated products. The below list highlights a selection of our partners.

In addition, we maintain a standard component list for each machine to help your standardization and spare parts inventory management efforts. Speak to your sales manager to request the component list for your machine.


FANUC Corporation is the leading supplier of robotic automation in the Americas. With payload capabilities ranging from 0.5kg to 2,300kg, FANUC robots are ideal for a wide range of pick, pack and palletizing applications. The combination of reliable and intelligent robots, strong process expertise, intelligent support software and regional offices makes FANUC our preferred partner. Pearson has been a long-term FANUC Authorized Integrator and is proud to have reached the highest partnership level.

Rockwell Automation

As part of Rockwell Automation’s Partner Network, we are committed to providing the most trusted and innovative solutions to our customers. Allen-Bradley products and Rockwell software solutions are key building blocks of our systems.

Plus One Robotics

Plus One Robotics provides advanced AI-powered vision software backed by a human-robot collaboration tool. The combination of PickOne and Yonder enables robotic automation of packaging applications that were previously difficult or impossible to automate. Plus One’s software addresses non-uniform applications such as depalletizing of mixed pallets and effectively handles exceptions by calling in remote human intervention with a response time of under six seconds.


The Association for Packaging and Processing Technology (PMMI) is the primary North American resource for the packaging and processing supply chain. As a long standing member, we utilize the association’s business intelligence resources, promotional services, and actively support its education and workforce development program.


The Robotics Industry Association (RIA) promotes the growth of the manufacturing industry through advancements of robotics and related technologies. Comprised of various leaders in the industry, RIA provides an excellent network and resource platform for robotic integrators and end-users alike.