Maximize Uptime with Pearson's Spare Parts Kits

Avoid unplanned production downtime from parts that have reached the end of their life or failed unexpectedly. Even if your packaging equipment is new and parts are still under warranty, having a spare parts kit on hand eliminates lead times and extended productivity gaps.

Pearson Recommended Spare Parts List

In general, our recommended spare parts kits contain replacements for items that wear over time, such as linear bearings, valves, cylinders, vacuum generators and cups, glue nozzles and belts. You may also find rebuild kits for cylinders, vacuum generators and tape heads. Electrical components may include fuses, bulbs, relays, sensors and limit switch actuators. While the above list is a general guideline for what you can expect to see included in your Recommended Spare Parts List from Pearson, each finalized machine is being reviewed by our team of experienced engineers to select the specific and most commonly replaced parts based on the individual application.

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