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Bulk Pack/Bag-in-Box

Bulk production spans many industries with products generally continuing to other processing facilities, wholesale distributors or industrial kitchens to become an ingredient or component in a further processed product. For many decades, Pearson Packaging Systems has supported the following industries with their bulk fill applications:

  • Edible oils and fats
  • Dried fruits and nuts
  • Frozen dough products 
  • Powders and food ingredients
  • Candies
  • Tobacco
  • Caps, closures and packaging
  • Preforms and resins

Explore our Bulk Pack portfolio at a glance to find the machine that is most suitable for your application. To find detailed information for each model, simply click on the highlighted row. For case erecting, case sealing, palletization needs, please follow the links.

Bulk Pack With Pearson’s Bag Inserter and Bag Uncuffer

To effectively reduce labor and material costs while preparing and packaging their product for further distribution, many bulk manufacturers rely on automated packaging machinery. Pearson Packaging Systems offers two types of bulk pack equipment, bag inserters and bag uncuffers, which greatly enhance the efficiency of your weigh filling equipment.  Pearson’s automatic case erector and case sealer as well as robotic palletizers further complete your automated bulk packaging line. And if you are looking for a turnkey system, we are happy to integrate third-party weigh fillers, metal detectors, weigh checkers and all necessary conveying.  

  • Automatic Bag Inserters: Pearson automated polybag inserters open, insert, and cuff roll-stock plastic bags at rates of up to 25 cases per minute. They function with a wide range of corrugated cases to fit your application. Bag inserters use a mandrel to drive pre-perforated, gusseted roll-stock bags into the cases.
  • Automatic Bag Uncuffers: Pearson's Bag Uncuffer lifts the polybag cuff off the case and folds it at speeds reaching 15 cases per minute. 

Increase Efficiency with Pearson Bag Inserters and Bag Uncuffers

Pearson bag inserters and uncuffers offer packing efficiency through:

  • Reliable and precise bag placement: Opposing vacuum plenums ensure consistent bag opening, while additional plenums hold the bag in position as it is being pushed into the bottom of the case.
  • Controlled uncuffing: Uncuffing fingers simultaneously pull the polybag cuff off of all four corners of the case. Case and flaps are fully controlled to ensure they are in the correct position for bag folding.
  • High case handling rates: Pearson bag inserters reach packing rates of up to 25 cases per minute, while bag uncuffers handle up to 15 cases per minute.
  • Dual control access: Bag inserters and uncuffers from Pearson feature a standard remote operator station for convenient access to machine controls for operation on both sides of the conveyor.
  • Easy-to-access GracePorts®:  Pearson bag inserters and uncuffers come standard with a GracePort® for easy communication access and a 110V convenience outlet at the outside of the machine's electrical cabinet. 
  • Intuitive human-machine interface (HMI): Pearson bag inserters and uncuffers feature a state-of-the-art HMI with a streamlined design, interactive changeover and fault-recovery guides, advanced maintenance features, intuitive navigation and live sensor maps.
  • Fast changeovers: Pearson bag inserters feature an average changeover time under 20 minutes, while bag uncuffers have changeover times under 10 minutes.

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