Tune-Up Plus

Protect Your Investment and Production

A yearly Tune-Up service ensures that both your Pearson machines and their operators and maintenance techs are performing at their peak. It’s the best way to protect your operational assets and production output.


Optimize your machine performance
Extend the life of your machine
Avoid unplanned downtime and proactively identify potential issues to schedule preventative maintenance before major problems occur
Regularly refresh and expand your operators’ and maintenance technician’s equipment knowledge and effectiveness to identify and address performance issues


All in one comprehensive package – no hidden costs!

  • Replacement of Continuous Motion Parts
  • Equipment Inspection for worn or damaged parts
  • On-Site Technician including all travel costs
  • Machine Health Report evaluating:
    • guarding and electrical safety components
    • electrical components mounted to the frame such as photo eyes and proximity switches
    • the machine’s electrical system
    • the machine’s control system such as PLC, HMI, relays, sequencers, motor drives etc.

      You will receive a report detailing any additional maintenance required on the machine. The report will list critical issues and suggestions to prevent unexpected downtime.
    • Necessary set-up adjustments
    • Operator and maintenance training
    • Production run support


Complete Controls upgrade: PLC, HMI, relays, drives, servos, etc.
New glue system: Glue tank, hoses, guns, modules, etc.
Guard Doors and safety switches
Any other available options or upgrades for the machine