Follow our path to becoming the industry’s most comprehensive, integrated single source provider of top-loaded secondary packaging automation solutions – from individual equipment to integrated systems.


Our Story

First Automated 6-Pack Carrier Erector

R. A. “Lefty” Pearson, Bottle Shop Superintendent for Spokane’s Bohemian Brewery, invents the first automated 6-Pack Carrier Erector at home in his garage. The R. A. Pearson Company is born.

History 1955


History 1977

A Growing Operation

The R. A. Pearson Company moves its operations to the West Plains of Spokane to a newly built 60,000 square foot facility.


Expansion Once Again

The Spokane-based manufacturing facility expands to 110,000 square feet, its current size today.

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History 2002

A Strategic Shift

Pearson embarks on a strategic shift from exclusively building machines to providing complete end-of-line solutions. Reinforced by the name change from R.A. Pearson to Pearson Packaging Systems, the new strategic focus positions the company for consistent growth above market rates.


Becoming Lean

The implementation of lean manufacturing practices supports a renewed focus on improving quality, increasing value, and reducing lead times for customers.

History 2003


History 2004

First Integration of Industrial Robotic Systems

Pearson begins offering robotic systems, with the first RTLMX robot being delivered before the year’s end.


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Expanding Loading Capabilities

Pearson acquires Goodman Packaging Equipment, which provides the company with advanced product handling and Gantry Top Load Case packing expertise.

History 2008


History 2012
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The Portfolio Continues to Grow

The acquisition of Moen Industries adds Bliss and Tray Forming technology to the company’s portfolio, making Pearson the provider of the industry’s most complete line of secondary packaging solutions.


logo PSSG

Formation of Pearson Systems Solutions Group

To support the growing demand for complex turnkey systems, Pearson forms a dedicated group with integration experts – the Pearson Systems Solutions Group.

History 2015


History 2018
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Going East

As the demand for robotic solutions expands quickly, Pearson acquires Flexicell, adding 25 years of robotic integration experience and a much needed east-coast manufacturing location.