Press Release

Pearson Releases Second Iteration of its User Centric Design

Spokane, WA – Leading up to the industry’s most prominent event, Pack Expo, Pearson Packaging Systems, provider of full-end-of line automation and integration solutions announces the rollout of its second User Centric Design (UCD) release.

UCD, originally launched in the summer of 2014, is based on the engineering discipline of Human Centered Design, prevalent primarily in the software and consumer electronics industries. UCD increases packaging machine and system availability by simplifying the physical and graphical interface, making the interaction with the machine much more intuitive. Pearson’s User Centric Design is an iterative program driving continuous machine improvements based on comprehensive usage studies and customer feedback. While UCD 1.0 primarily focused on operator task efficiencies, UCD 2.0 targets maintenance personnel with such features as preventive maintenance, remote access and a mobile HMI.

To assist customers in their effort to reduce the risk of unexpected downtime and extend machine life expectancy, Pearson’s recommended maintenance schedule will be built into the HMI. A configuration tool enables maintenance personnel to easily adjust any setting to accommodate personal preferences or plant specific requirements. On-screen alerts notify users of pre-schedules events, who can then utilize the step-by-step instruction with photos to guide them through the individual maintenance tasks. Completed activities will be recorded in a log for easy review and tracking.

The HMI, often considered the heart of UCD, is now also available in a mobile version in the form of a ruggedized, wireless tablet. HMI emulation enables remote access to HMI screens such as the changeover guide or maintenance instructions at any point around the machine. For further convenience, industrially-rated accessories such as a tablet belt for on-person storage and an on-machine enclosure for secure storage and charging of the tablet are available.

Remote access, another feature now optionally available with the release of UCD 2.0, enables instant and global technical support for machines in a fast, efficient, and highly economical fashion. By enabling remote services, Pearson Packaging Systems can assist its customers by accessing critical information to diagnose problems and help repair, adjust and manage the equipment remotely. Working in environments where data integrity and competitive intelligence are highly protected, Pearson recognizes the importance of data security. Access is granted on a temporary basis by customers, while data transfer uses encrypted, private cloud based connections and user account security configurations.

Pearson’s User Centric Design maximizes the value of secondary packaging solutions by proactively addressing potential efficiency declines caused by the human interaction with the machine. Automation solutions that are faster to change over, recover from faults, learn to operate, and proactively maintain positively affect OEE availability, output and quality as a direct result.