Press Release

Pearson Packaging Systems Appoints Head of New Business Unit

To continue expanding its integration capabilities, Pearson Packaging Systems forms a dedicated business unit and appoints Ryan McCart as Vice President of Systems Solutions

Spokane, WA – Pearson Packaging Systems, complete end-of-line packaging solutions provider specialized on top-load applications, today announces the formation of a new business unit dedicated to complex integrated systems.

Newly appointed Vice President of Pearson’s Systems Solutions Group is Ryan McCart, who recently transitioned from Hartness International to Pearson Packaging Systems. At Hartness International, Ryan served as Business Unit Manager for the Systems/Dynac unit, a consolidated group of three business units. “His extensive experience in the packaging machinery and systems industry made him a natural fit to guide our effort in furthering our integrated systems offering,” explains Michael Senske, President and CEO of Pearson Packaging Systems.

Since 2002, Pearson has embarked on a strategic shift from exclusively building machines to providing complete end-of-line solutions leveraging its long-term experience, industry establishment and comprehensive product portfolio. Reinforced by the name change from R.A. Pearson to Pearson Packaging Systems, the new strategic focus enabled the company to grow consistently above market rates. “We are now at a point, where we feel that a dedicated business unit will not only accelerate this growth trend but also enable us to better serve our customer’s growing demand for fully integrated solutions,” concludes Michael Senske.

Focused on turnkey solutions, Pearson’s Systems Solutions Group will rely not only on a team of integration experts but also Pearson’s comprehensive portfolio of secondary packaging equipment and aftermarket services as well as the company’s long-term value system of standing behind its product.