How To Make Your Packaging Operation Efficient

Published on June 10, 2020

Connect – Discover – Conquer

1. Connect With An End-Of-Line Packaging Automation Expert

Connect with an expert to talk about your challenges, objectives and concerns. You can choose between equipment manufacturers, integrators, engineering firms, and consultants – all experts in their niche with valuable experience to be a great resource to bounce off ideas and generate possible solution options. However, single source suppliers, both in their end-to-end equipment as well as their end-to-end service portfolio (from early consultation to integration, project management, aftermarket, service and parts support) offer unique benefits. They enable you to standardize across an entire line, experience uniform machine interfaces and hold a single vendor accountable instead of risking finger pointing. In addition, choose a vendor that is specialized on your product applications – do you top-load, end-load or bottom-load? Are your products flow-wrapped, bagged, bottled, in jugs, tubs, or cartons? While many vendors have a broad spectrum of experiences, most have developed a core competence in a particular niche.

What is Pearson Packaging Systems specific core competence

  • Secondary Packaging OEM and System Integrator
  • Single source supplier offering  equipment that can erect, pack, seal and palletize. Our portfolio includes case erectors, bliss formers, robotic top loaders, partition inserters, case and bliss sealers, robotic palletizers and turnkey system integration
  • We support high-volume production operations with robust machine designs and 24/7 service support
  • We are experts in  top-load applications
  • We specialize in loading  flexible and semi-rigid products (Flow-wraps, flat bags, liquid-filled bags, pouches, packets and sachets, but also cartons and trays)

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2. Discover Automation Options and Calculate ROI

Discover your automation options and calculate return on investments (ROI) to build a solid CapEx justification. Keep in mind that lead-times can significantly affect your ROI. The faster your new equipment is operational, the faster you start realizing labor and recruitment savings, higher throughput and quality. It’s also a good idea to explore what alternative options are available if investment money is tied up in other plans to ensure your project can continue to move forward. 

Lease options are common but Machine-as-a-Service (MaaS)  is a new alternative that eliminates the equipment purchase and replaces it with a pay-as-you-go model. With the equipment in your facility, the burden of traditional machine ownership remains with the vendor. Payment is handled in real-time via block chain technology on a per case rate.

As you explore various solution options, pay attention to standard machine features versus expensive add-ons. These days, remote access capability, convenience and usability features such as grace ports and intuitive HMIs, as well as enhanced safety and reliability upgrades such as CAT-3 and non-contact interlocks separate the good from the better. 

Discover how Pearson Packaging Systems addresses Total Cost of Ownership  

  • Overall industry-leading delivery times with Case Erectors and Case Sealers available in as a little as 30 days
  • Risk-free Machine-as-a-Service (MaaS) option as an alternative to traditional purchase
  • Industry’s most advanced HMI with User Centric Design replicating web experience for intuitive operation
  •  All machines come standard with Remote Access Capability, LED beacons, grace ports, CAT-3 and many more features. 

3. Conquer Implementation

Now it’s time to gather the details, concept solutions, and map out implementation. A good vendor will not leave any of this up to chance, but will have solid processes in place to ensure both parties are successful. Don’t be surprised when asked for case or product samples. It’s a small hassle upfront compared to the huge problems this request can easily prevent down the road. Your vendor will want to evaluate the quality of your board, tightness of product fit, potential snag points,and verify case handedness and product integrity. 

 Professional project managers are increasingly relied upon to chaperone your project through its various stages and ensure that it stays on budget and on time. They are trained eagle-eyes, communication hubs and action facilitators. Don’t embark on an automation project without one.

Customer-led and generally paid-for factory acceptance tests are common and supported by just about any vendor, however, some companies offer detailed equipment performance demonstrations as part of your machine purchase. And let’s not forget regular upkeep and maintenance to enjoy a high-performing machine for years to come. Most OEM’s provide a recommended maintenance schedule but the better ones build accountability into their system and support easy integration into your existing infrastructure. 

How Pearson Packaging Systems helps you conquer Implementation

  • We have dedicated applications engineers, certified project managers, and aftermarket, service and parts teams working together to provide their expertise for long-term success
  • Machine performance demonstrations are included in the purchase price
  •  All equipment is standardized on PackML for easy integration and service
  • HMI alerts for regular maintenance tasks with accountability feature, easily customizable
  •  24/7 live technical service support
  •  Fanuc Certified Service Provider
  •  Over 21,000 deployed assets

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