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Palletizer For Bags Of Syrup

Robotic Palletizing for Cases of Bagged Syrup

This robotic palletizing cell features an automatic pallet dispenser, an activated roller belt sorter, and a high-payload FANUC robot with vacuum tooling designed to pick layers of cases weighing as much as 620+ lbs. An intuitive HMI supports operation, changeovers and troubleshooting. Plus, the cell is also equipped with Remote Access capability.
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High-Speed, Heavy Layer Stacking

This highly safety-conscious soda syrup manufacturer was needing to replace their aging mechanical palletizing equipment to maintain compliance with their corporate safety requirements. Their aging…


BF30-G Bliss Former

Pearson’s BF30-G Bliss Former forms sturdy shipper and display-ready box styles at rates up to 30 cases per minute. This machine is ideal for larger boxes commonly found at club-style stores like Costco or Walmart. An active forming section ensures boxes are secure and consistently square, while an intuitive HMI supports operation, changeovers and troubleshooting. An optional high-capacity Automatic Stack Transfer System is available to decrease the frequency of consumable reloading.
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Robotic Palletizing for Bags & Boxes of Pet Food

This robotic palletizing solution handles plastic base sheets, bags, and boxes using custom end-of-arm tooling. (4) FANUC robots share the workload across dual lines, and an intuitive HMI with a pallet configuration tool makes operation, recipe selection, and changeovers a breeze. Plus, the cell is equipped with Remote Access capability for quick troubleshooting and resolution if the need arises.
Packing Misc

Factors in Designing the Optimal Robotic Packing Solution for Your Operation

You need your products packed into a case… seems simple enough. You also likely have numerous SKUs on your line, containing different products, varieties of…

Vertical Pack

Vertical Case Packing: Determining the Robotic Solution Best-Suited to Your Operation

Increasingly, Pearson customers are needing packing solutions that can accommodate vertical product patterns per the requirements of the big box retailers they supply to. So…


Erect, Pack & Seal for Bagged Tortillas

In this application, a Pearson Case Erector and Sealer form consistently square and securely sealed cases. A robotic case packer is designed with a vision system to detect the location of products, and dual Scara robots pack the products into cases. A 2-person handpack station is integrated for small-batch product runs.
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Come Visit Us on a Virtual Facility Tour

Talk to any Pearson sales rep, and they’ll tell you one of their favorite parts of the job is being able to visit you at…

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Keeping Cases Sealed in the Summer Heat with PearsonMelt

A leading southwestern-US snack manufacturer was having a challenging time keeping their boxes of single-serve bagged snacks sealed during transport. The hot summer temperatures were…

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Machine-as-a-Service: determining if the program make sense for your organization

You know your operation would benefit from automation, so what’s preventing you from pulling the trigger on your automation project? Whether it’s a lack of…