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2024 06 05 08 36 06

Random Robotic Case Erecting – RRCE for Oversized Cases

This Random Robotic Case Erector is designed for oversized cases. (3) vertical magazines hold knockdown cases, and an alignment plate is used to square cases prior to forming. Opposing vacuum is used to open cases, and tape is used to seal bottom case flaps. A tipping mechanism flips cases on their side as they exit the cell.
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RPC-DF Dual Floor Palletizer with Barcode Scanner

This robotic palletizer has dual build stations for continuous operation in a compact footprint. Capable of picking cases up to 40lbs at rates up to 12 cases per minute, it has an integrated barcode scanner to determine which pallet stack cases belong.
RTL Sugar

Robotic Packing for Bags of Powdered Sugar

This robotic case packer incorporates a vision system to detect the orientation of products. The FANUC robot is equipped with a double chamber vacuum tool for picking and placing bags into cases.

RPC-WDF Washdown Dual Floor Palletizer

This robotic palletizer is designed with low pressure washdown construction and is ideal for use in primary packaging environments. Dual build stations allow for continuous operation in a compact footprint, and the FANUC robot is able to pick cases weighing up to 40lbs at rates up to 12 cases per minute.
Robot Push Mechanism

In this application, a Pearson case erector and case sealer form consistently square and securely sealed cases. Products are uprighted in a pocketed belt, then collected and compressed by a robot with custom end-of-arm tooling before being loaded into cases using a vacuum pick head. Filled cases are then palletized for shipping.
RPC Cases

Robotic Palletizing with Dual Build Stations

This robotic palletizer has dual build stations to increase stack rates. A FANUC robot uses a multi-functional end-of-arm tool to pick pallets, slip sheets and cases.
RPC Bags

Robotic Palletizing for Boxes & Bags of Glue Beads

This robotic palletizer picks pallets, slip sheets, boxes and bags with a quick and simple end-of-arm tool changeover. The FANUC robot is able to handle heavy products with ease.

Robotic Packing for Wet Wipes & Cases of Wipes

This robotic top loader uses delta robots to pick wipe products and place them horizontally into cases. A vision system is used to detect product orientation. As cases are filled with products and sealed, a 6-axis robot places pairs of cases into shipping boxes, which are then tape sealed for transport.
RRCE With Labeler

Random Robotic Case Erector with Integrated Labeler

This Random Robotic Case Erector can form up to 6 different case sizes. With a compact footprint, the cell is comprised of (3) ergonomically-designed dual case magazines that can be easily refilled without disrupting production. This cell also incorporates a third-party labeler.
RTL Bags Of Tomato Sauce

Robotic Case Packing for Bags of Tomato Sauce

On this robotic case packing line, (7) horizontally-mounted robots share the workload to achieve rates up to 120 products per minute. A vision system determines product orientation for picking, and custom end-of-arm tooling is designed to withstand the sagging of the heavy tomato sauce bags being packed.