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RTL Adaptive Tooling

Pearson launches standard modular case packing solution for flexible products requiring horizontal and vertical loading

Spokane, WA – Today, Pearson Packaging Systems, an industry-trusted authority in end-of-line packaging automation, launches its RTL-HV, a standard, modular case packing solution capable of…

RTL for Trays of Frozen Rolls

Trays of Frozen Rolls

This frozen roll manufacturer had recently signed a contract with a leading US fast-food chain. To reach the agreed-upon production volumes, they would need to…

Product 1

Robotic Case Packing & Sealing for Plastic Bottles

This Erect, Pack and Seal Solution by Pearson Packaging Systems offers a high level of reliability and flexibility to handle nearly 200 SKUs. It was designed with a tailored end-of-arm tool (EoAT) to pick and place bottles at rates up to 240 products per minutes, guide plates and reference bars to support pattern formation, and flap guards to prevent snagging during product placement.
secondary packaging for bottles

Bottles of Vitamins & Supplements

Following an aquisition that had new leadership urging the company to automate their packaging line, this South Carolina-based contract manufacturer came to Pearson to improve…

BI18 Bag Inserter

Case Forming, Bag Inserting, Integrated Weigh Filling, Bag Uncuffing, Case Sealing & Palletizing

This midwestern US private label contract manufacturer for bulk snack products was expanding one of their two production facilities by 120,000 ft in order to…


Bulk Fill System for Snack Food

This Pearson bulk fill line comes with erect, pack, seal and palletize equipment, along with an integrated third-party filler to form and bottom seal cases, insert poly bags, fill boxes with bulk product, close poly bags, top seal cases, and palletize cases.

Uses and Types of Secondary Packaging

Packaging identifies the product within, bundles multiple items together, protects them from damage during transit and shipping, and makes it easier for consumers to transport…


Robotic Partition Inserting – RPI38

Pearson’s RPI38 Robotic Partition Inserter provides maximum reliability with two FANUC M10iA robots. The side-belt infeed and high-friction bottom belt provide exceptional case positioning and control, and a pick-off carriage supports consistent partition singulation.

Random Robotic Case Erector

Pearson’s Random Robotic Case Erector (RRCE) is programmed to pick up to 6 different case sizes in a random sequence. A vacuum end-of-arm tool uses articulated motion to pick and peel open cases, while the sealing station auto-adjusts to the case height and width. Each cell comes with Pearson’s user-friendly HMI and remote access capability.
Pack Expo Connects Scaled

The 7 take-aways from Pearson at PACK EXPO Connects

If you’ve been to Pack Expo International before, you know packaging tradeshows can be overwhelming even under usual circumstances. Having to decipher what variation of…