Come Visit Us on a Virtual Facility Tour

Published on September 8, 2023

Talk to any Pearson sales rep, and they’ll tell you one of their favorite parts of the job is being able to visit you at your own manufacturing facility to connect in person and see your production first-hand. Observing operations in real time helps us better understand the challenges you face and identify how Pearson’s automated packaging equipment can help you do things better, quicker, or more efficiently.

Similarly, nearly every customer who has ever visited our plant, reports back on how much they enjoyed getting to know our operation and learning about capabilities they didn’t know we had. With travel expenses and work commitment sometimes getting in the way of justifying such a trip, we created this short virtual tour to give customers, potential customers and industry partners the chance to visit our headquarters in Spokane, Washington. Here we design, build, and test our packaging machines – all under one roof – before shipping to manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

Take a stroll with Pearson’s VP of Enterprise Sales, Jason McCall, as he shows some of the core machinery we’re best known for: box formers and case sealers, along with “mild to wild” robotic packers and palletizers, display case formers, bag inserters, and more.

Check out a high-speed delta case packer with vision and line tracking, a dual case infeed/dual build station palletizer with an automatic pallet dispenser, a palletizer optimized for extra-tall stacks, extra-heavy products, a vertical case packer with Scara robots for pattern forming, along with a robot equipped with “catcher’s mitt”-style tooling designed to place bags upright into cases.

Take a ride up in our scissor lift to get a birdseye view of the facility while we provide a bit of company history, dating back nearly 70 years.

Hop in one of our assembly carts for a drive around the manufacturing loop, where you’ll see actual equipment at various stages of completion, and learn about Pearson research & development, our 24/7 technical support, remote machine accessibility, online parts store, and hot melt adhesive offering.

The best part? You won’t even break a sweat on this tour.


Interested in scheduling an in-person visit to our facility? Contact Us.