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Pearson cancels participation in PackExpo 2020

Spokane, WA – Today, Pearson Packaging Systems officially withdraws its participation in this year’s premier industry event PackExpo 2020, scheduled for November 8-11 in Chicago. As safety concerns related to the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 persist, consultations with staff, customers, partners and vendors led to this decision.

“As an organization responsible for hundreds of employees and their families, we consider it our moral and ethical responsibility to ensure their health and safety.  It is also imperative that we do everything in our power to ensure the health and safety of our customers, suppliers, and the citizens of the communities in which we operate.  This means adhering to mandates, recommendations, and best practices including, but not limited to, avoiding non-essential travel, engaging in social distancing, wearing face coverings, and engaging in proper hygiene and sanitation practices. Trade shows, by definition, are social gatherings where adhering to these practices are nearly impossible. As such, we elected to prioritize the safety of our employees, customers, and suppliers ahead of business as usual and take decisive action during this global health crisis”, declares Michael Senske, CEO of Pearson Packaging Systems.

He continues, “Pack Expo has long represented an important event through which we connect with our customer and industry partners, so we didn’t take this decision lightly.  That being said, we believe that we can leverage technology in order to maintain these important relationships while helping to significantly reduce the risk of the continued proliferation of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.

Pearson will be joining a long list of companies that prioritize necessary risks to maintain full production and effective customer support over avoidable risks such as large gatherings in times of viable alternatives.

With its cancellation of this year’s show attendance, Pearson will be refocusing those resources into exploring and expanding meaningful ways to engage with customers, such as augmented reality, live demonstrations, and 3D simulations of equipment and entire lines. In addition, Pearson Packaging Systems is going to stay at the forefront of investing in technologies that continuously optimize its remote service support to help overcome any limitations still in place. This decision comes in response to an increasing number of customers recognizing the long-term benefits of reducing travel costs, improving response times and lessening their employees’ burden of time away from their families.

Although Pearson employees are able and willing to travel in support of customers, they are also equipped with the necessary hardware and IT support to effectively conduct their jobs from a distance. “Our employees have quickly adapted to the changing business environment, and are highly motivated and capable of supporting our customers as well or better than before the onset of this pandemic,” emphasizes Michael Senske.

Most of Pearson’s robotic equipment deployed over the past five years already has built-in remote access capability, while the remainder of the product portfolio has now been augmented with this feature. Other means of connecting currently include video for live/real-time support, camera/DVR setups within discrete machine centers or production cells to capture events for remote analysis, and remote Windows Connections.

In its absence from PackExpo 2020, Pearson invites customers, partners and vendors to meet via video chat, social media, our website, email or phone following its mantra of  Connect. Discover. Conquer.

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With its portfolio of case erectors, robotic top-loaders, sealers and robotic palletizers, Pearson Packaging Systems specializes in secondary packaging automation solutions to overcome labor cost and supply, safety, quality and throughput challenges. The OEM and turnkey system integrator offers a single source supplier experience that enables its customers to enjoy uniform machine interfaces, standardized machine features, industry-leading delivery times and a single point of accountability.

To provide flexible and scalable solutions and minimize total cost of ownership, Pearson Packaging Systems is dedicated to the application of advanced technologies and a user-centric design. Since its inception more than 65 years ago, a diverse set of high-volume manufacturers and distributors in the food, beverage, personal care, chemical and online commerce industries has relied on Pearson’s products and services to meet their growth and profitability objectives. To date, Pearson has deployed over 21,000 machines, which are now also available without traditional CapEx investments in a risk-free Machine-as-a-Service contract format.