Press Release

Pearson invites Northwest Food & Beverage show attendees to visit their manufacturing facility while in town this February

Spokane, WA – Pearson Packaging Systems announces plans to exhibit at this year’s Northwest Food & Beverage show February 17-19 at the Spokane Convention Center. Show attendees can stop by booth 1317 to explore opportunities to improve their operations with automated packaging equipment, discuss upcoming projects, and meet their Northwest Regional Sales Team.

While in Spokane, Pearson invites show attendees to visit their headquarters – less than 15 minutes from the show venue. West Coast Sales Representative Jim Jeffries explains, “It’s a great opportunity to have an event like this in our backyard, and we’re excited to be a part of it. We welcome anyone who is interested to tour our machine manufacturing facility and learn more about what we do. Nothing better showcases our company than the opportunity to see our mechanical and robotic equipment being built and operating first-hand  – and also being able to meet the people who design and assemble it.”

Jeffries goes on to explain how Pearson is experienced in overcoming the unique challenges that food and beverage manufacturers face. In addition to labor shortages, wage increases, and outdated, unreliable, or high-maintenance equipment, food and beverage manufacturers must also meet the constantly changing demands of big box retailers, comply with retail-ready requirements, meet strict sanitation standards, and adapt as e-commerce markets continue to grow.

“The bulk of Pearson projects stem from the food and beverage industries. So, whether it’s a box forming project for a snack food manufacturer, a partition inserting application for a winery, a display-ready packing application for a prepared meals manufacturer, a bagging application for a bulk fill operation, or a palletizing line for a frozen food distributor, it’s really cool when we can tell customers, ‘We’re absolutely qualified for this project – we’ve done something very similar before.’

The Northwest Food & Beverage event is expected to draw more than 3,500 attendees, who will have the opportunity to meet regional suppliers, explore new technologies, receive technical training, and attend seminars and workshops addressing compliance, food safety/sanitation, energy savings and other relevant topics.


To schedule a tour at Pearson’s manufacturing facility or to learn about other visitation opportunities, please contact Event Coordinator Kellee Prchal at 509.241.4736 or

Register for the Northwest Food & Beverage show here.