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New Online Parts Store Expands Support of Pearson’s 24/7 Customer Base

Spokane, WA, August 2022 – Pearson Packaging Systems, industry-trusted authority in end-of-line packaging automation is further expanding the support of its customer base operating around the clock with the launch of a newly-designed online parts store.

From its products to all accompanying services, Pearson continues to optimize its offering around the needs of its primary customer base of high volume manufacturers and distributors that operate in 24/7 environments. One of these efforts has been to expand parts ordering accessibility to better match the schedules of our customers. In 2018, Pearson extended business hours from 7am to 7pm EST Monday through Friday and in 2020, the parts team added Saturday availability from 7am to 4pm EST. Enabling a 24/7 self-service option was the logical next step.

“The element of convenience our online store offers is highly-desirable for many of our customers – especially those who place frequent, repeat orders,” says Gina Tolomeo, VP of Aftermarket and Services. “If someone needs to place an order in the middle of the night on a weekend, they can – and the order can be processed without delay first thing Monday morning, rather than sitting in a queue until a team
member is able to process it.”

In addition to offering the convenience of placing parts orders independently any time of the day and week, Ms. Tolomeo expects to free up more of her team’s resources so they can attend to customer requests via phone or email quicker and spend more time supporting questions and research inquiries.

Customers who need or prefer personalized support can still reach out via phone or email to talk directly with a representative. To encourage customers to set up an account and try the online parts store, Pearson offers a 10% discount on all online orders received through August 31st, 2022.

Visit Pearson’s online parts store here:

About Pearson Packaging Systems
With its portfolio of case erectors, robotic top-loaders, sealers and robotic palletizers, Pearson Packaging Systems specializes in secondary packaging automation solutions to help customers overcome labor cost and supply, safety, quality and throughput challenges. The OEM offers a single-source supplier experience that enables its customers to enjoy uniform machine interfaces, standardized machine features, industry-leading delivery times and a single point of accountability.

To provide flexible and scalable solutions and minimize total cost of ownership, Pearson Packaging Systems is dedicated to the application of advanced technologies and a user-centric design. Since its inception more than 65 years ago, a diverse set of high-volume manufacturers and distributors in the food, beverage, personal care, chemical and online commerce industries has relied on Pearson’s products and services to meet their growth and profitability objectives. To date, Pearson has deployed over 21,000 machines, servicing the erect, pack, seal and palletize marketplace.