Company Update – Fall 2022

Published on November 15, 2022

With Thanksgiving kicking off the upcoming holiday season, it’s the perfect time for us to voice our sincerest appreciation for your commitment to partnering with us. Your confidence in our ability to reliably support you and your businesses, your customers, your families, communities, and shareholders is a responsibility we do not take lightly. As such, we want to share with you the investments we’ve made and what you can continue to expect in our ongoing effort to become your most trusted secondary packaging partner.

From product development to digital twin technology, platform standardization, simplification and remote technical support, all of our investments are focused on optimizing your experience with our products as we stay firmly committed to top-load end-of-line applications, encompassing erecting, packing, sealing and palletizing on a standardized platform.

Digital twin technology, the modeling of parts or entire systems in a physics engine to simulate and emulate real life circumstances, has had a particularly profound impact on our customers. Concepts that are reviewed and tested in the digital world streamline the engineering process and result in a better design, faster build cycle and more seamless implementation, effectively lowering both risk and lead times.

As customers are increasingly looking to us for critical uptime assistance in the face of skill and resource shortages, Pearson has built a robust remote support system. From video with augmented reality to remote PC connections, routers, DVR set ups and digital twin technology, remote support is available 24/7 and free of charge. To further reduce potential access barriers, all Pearson equipment comes standard with remote access capability. At this point, an incredible 90% of incoming support calls are being solved in one to two hours using the remote technologies our service team has at their disposal.

To enhance our customers’ experience when procuring parts, a new online parts store now offers 24/7 access for self-help orders while freeing up our team to respond faster to research requests or unique support needs. With over 150 accounts having been set up during the first week, customers decisively validated our decision to offer simplified buying options.

Likewise, increased feedback regarding challenges around availability, lead times and cost increases of hot melt adhesive prompted us to forge a partnership with a domestic supplier that was able to offer competitive pricing and reliable two-week lead times. Earlier this summer, we were able to launch our own private label hot melt adhesive, verified on our equipment and backed by an extended warranty for Pearson machines.

Lastly, providing our customers a consistently positive experience requires our ongoing investment into our own staff. We are committed to hiring, retaining and advancing the best skills available to maintain the momentum of technology adoption and dedicated customer support.

As the year comes to a close, we are expecting to finish it with a 30% top-line growth. These results are demonstrating our customers’ trust in our ability to consistently deliver reliable equipment backed by industry-leading support at the most aggressive lead times possible. With that in mind, we would like to thank not only our customers for their ongoing partnership, but also our employees, suppliers and industry partners. Becoming our customers’ most trusted partner is not a solitary effort but a well-orchestrated operation of supportive partners.

With sincerest appreciation, we wish all of our customers, employees, suppliers and industry partners a Happy Thanksgiving.
Your Pearson Packaging Systems Team