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Robotic Partition Inserting - RPI38

Pearson’s RPI38 Robotic Partition Inserter provides maximum reliability with two FANUC M10iA robots. The side-belt infeed and high-friction bottom belt provide exceptional case positioning and control, and a pick-off carriage supports consistent partition singulation.


Random Robotic Case Erector

Pearson’s Random Robotic Case Erector (RRCE) is programmed to pick up to 6 different case sizes in a random sequence as specified by the customer. A A vacuum end-of-arm tool uses articulated motion to pick and peel open cases, while the sealing station auto-adjusts to the case height and width. And, the cell comes with Pearson’s user-friendly HMI and remote access capability.


4-Station Robotic Palletizing & Stretch Wrapping System

This robotic palletizing and stretch wrapping system uses (4) build turntables for continuous operation and maximum throughput.


Robotic Case Packer - Bulk Bags of Shredded Cheese

This robotic packing application picks and places bulk bags of shredded cheese into cases using a long, lightweight end-of-arm tool. It incorporates technologies including an activated rollerbelt, flap control plates, and the industry’s most intuitive HMI.


Palletizer for Bags of Powdered Milk

This custom robotic palletizing cell stacks large bags of powdered milk. With a multi-functioning end-of-arm tool, the robot can handle bags, pallets and tier sheets.


BF40 3-Piece Bliss Former

Optional for larger boxes, Pearson’s line of bliss forming machines assemble a wide variety of shipper and display-ready three-piece bliss boxes. This machine runs at 40 cases per minute.


BF30-G 3-Piece Bliss Former

The Pearson BF30 Bliss Former assembles a wide variety of sturdy shipper and display-ready, two- or three-piece bliss box designs at rates up to 30 cases per minute. This machine is optimal for larger boxes.


CE35-ST Case Erector

Small-footprint case erector with tape closure and an optional low-level, vertical magazine loader for production rates of up to 35 cases per minute.


Robotic Product Reorientation - Frozen Trays of Food

Rather than using lengthy conveying and mechanical equipment, this customer opted for Pearson’s robotic product reorientation cell. Four food-grade FANUC Deltas with lightweight end-of-arm vacuum tools rapidly pick randomly oriented frozen meals.


Robotic Case Packer - Bags of Grass Seed

This custom solution vertically packs bags of grass seed into display-ready cases. A FANUC robot loads bags horizontally into cassettes that then reorient downwards to dispense the product upright.