Press Release

Pearson’s new print-erect integration lowers corrugate cost for multi-SKU manufacturers

Spokane, WA – Pearson Packaging Systems is pleased to announce the launch of a new case erector model, the CE25-P, that enables on-demand case printing and decorating prior to forming. Compatible with most industry printers, the new machine helps to reduce corrugate inventory and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for co-packers, e-commerce distributors, private label manufacturers and any company that maintains a large number of product SKUs.

“The development of this product was driven by our customers, who want to realize operational savings by ordering larger quantities of a single box design and maintaining smaller overall inventories. By using this print-on-demand model, one customer reported savings of four cents per box,” explains Timothy Hill, Pearson Senior Product Manager.

With a compact footprint and similar design to Pearson’s popular CE25 case erector, the machine incorporates a vertical case transfer section and mounting capabilities for up to four printers. Knockdown cases remain upright as they are picked off the magazine and transported to the forming station, enabling printing on all four case sides and all four flaps. Existing solutions in the market are limited to only printing on two sides or requiring additional conveying, other equipment, or manual intervention to tip or rotate cases in order to print on perpendicular sides or flaps. Pearson’s solution offers a large print area with all the necessary equipment housed within a single frame.

“This machine will be a game-changer for the right customer,” according to Hill. “For example, a co-packer can leverage a standard case for the same or similar products or pack counts and brand them on-the-fly to meet each individual customers’ specifications. A private label manufacturer running different varieties of the same product can print product details, case count, etc. for varying production runs without having to constantly swap out cases.”

The Pearson CE25-P case erector is available with glue or tape bottom seal functionality and supports rates up to 25 cases per minute (cpm).

Visit our CE25-P Product Page or contact us at 800.732.7733 for more information.