Press Release

Redesigned Bliss Formers Effectively Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Spokane, WA – Pearson Packaging Systems announces the rollout of its redesigned Bliss Former product line, including the BF25-GH and BF30-G models.

With the acquisition of Moen Industries in October of 2012, Pearson added bliss and tray forming capabilities to its product portfolio. The integration effort initiated an extensive reengineering program to incorporate the Pearson principles of lowering total cost of ownership while retaining the original machine concepts, functionality, performance and value points.

The redesign produced several key product enhancements. Standardization on PackML allows customers to integrate the machines easily into their manufacturing monitoring system. Simplified changeovers utilizing standard scales, pointers, quick release handles and HMI graphical guided instructions directly support uptime, while lube free-bearings, high-reliability mechanical rams and improved machine accessibility ease overall maintenance burden. Energy and air consumption have been reduced to support sustainability efforts and the addition of stainless steel options fulfills customer requirements for corrosion resistance and easier cleaning.

Specifically designed for high-volume manufacturing operations, Pearson Bliss Formers are ideal for heavy or bulk products that are non-self-supporting and at risk of damage when palletized or during transport. Bliss boxes are characterized by their superior stacking strength due to their single-piece bottom and laminated corners. Pearson’s ability to accommodate a wide range of case sizes, shapes and cutouts including two- and three piece bliss boxes further supports retail ready packaging requirements.