An easy way to save cost – Why you should pay attention to the wiring

Published on June 2, 2014

Most of us are probably quite familiar with the cable salad hidden behind many desktop computers. Multiple monitors, mouse, speakers, external hard drives, cameras, a printer, scanner and other devices all hooked up through an array of unorganized, loosely hanging cables. As long as everything works, we usually don’t care, but good luck trying to move the station to another place or troubleshooting if something doesn’t work as intended.

In a production setting, every minute lost during repair, maintenance or other downtime situations translates into additional costs and reduced income. Secondary packaging machines, depending on the complexity of their task, utilize a host of different wires, cables and air lines. When completed, most packaging automation machines have their wires and cables skillfully tucked away; hidden behind panels or underneath the machine. However, it pays to take a closer look.

A clean, organized wiring system should lay cables, wires and air tubes evenly without being twisted or wrapped around things. Cable ties should securely fasten everything to the machine to avoid loosely hanging, spaghetti style wires. Color-coded cables, labeled at both ends further improve the maintenance aspect of the system. The benefits will pay off in the long run.

Easy Traceability and Troubleshooting

Colored-coded and labeled cables allow service personnel to quickly identify the right cable, inspect it for any physical damage or hook up test devices. Easily tracing cables to its connected devices simplifies troubleshooting and cuts down valuable maintenance time, not to mention service personnel’s headaches and frustrations.

Easy Replacement

The ability to reach all parts of the machine without reaching through wires makes replacing parts of the machine much less of a hassle. Any rework necessary to the cabling can be done without guesswork as to which cable may be what or where it goes.

Easy to Avoid Damage

Wires and cables hanging loosely are susceptible to mechanical stress. They can easily be pinched in between panels or interfere with moving parts.

With the widespread acceptance of LEAN manufacturing, clean and organized wiring of cables and air lines, directly supports the principle of eliminating wasteful expenditures of resources such as excessive and unnecessary labor from maintenance personnel. As a manufacturer that employs LEAN principles itself, Pearson Packaging Systems takes pride in quality craftsmanship. Color-coded, clean, organized wiring of cables and air tubes is only one aspect of that but demonstrates our attention to detail and understanding of the pain points of our end customers.