User Centric Design

Ease Of Use - Scientifically Accomplished

To achieve optimal Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), the human element cannot be overlooked.

Making machine operation and maintenance easy to learn, fast to perform and free of operator errors requires dedicated attention to users and their individual challenges. Pearson’s User Centric Design team exclusively focuses on identifying specific user needs and obstacles, developing solutions and validating them. Standard on most of our equipment, our user optimized graphical and mechanical machine interface assists operators and technicians to independently and efficiently operate and maintain the equipment.

  • Opens up labor pool to a broader range of skill and experience levels
  • Reduces user time dedicated to any particular machine
  • Enables new users to be independent faster
  • Improves changeover and fault-recovery speed
  • Promotes equipment maintenance and extended machine life

General Features

Continual Process

A dedicated department employs systematic user studies to minimize the effect human-machine interaction has on machine uptime.


Standardized HMI screen format and terminology facilitates faster learning and increased comprehension of task descriptions and screen functionality.

Simplified Navigation

Reduced screen count, streamlined content and interactive maps increase intuitive exploration and learning of HMI functionalities.

Reduced Lang. Barriers

The use of symbols and images minimizes language barriers and helps operators to quickly recognize screen functions.

Operator Focus

New Recipe Adjustments

The changeover sequence along with configuration settings automatically adjusts when a new recipe is selected.

Changeover Guide

An interactive map and concise step-by-step instructions with photos guide the operator through each changeover point and recipe.

Simplified Changeover

Numbered and easily accessible changeover points including scales, pointers and counters assist operators in accurately selecting set-points.

Alarms and Messages

Machine alarms and messages are clearly shown on the HMI Home screen. If present, tapping the red icon leads the operator to fault recovery instructions.

Maintenance Focus

Preventive Maintenance

Pearson-recommended preventive maintenance program sends alerts and provides directions at pre-set intervals for inspect/clean/lubricate procedures.

Configuration Tool

Preventive maintenance tasks and intervals can be easily customized to plant specific needs.

Output Test

This troubleshooting capability allows manual control over individual air cylinders and vacuum sections to proactively identify component issues.

Sensor Map/Descriptions

The Sensor Map shows the location and status of all photo eyes and proximity switches. Descriptions summarize machine functions being monitored at each location.


  • “A lot of our operators speak English as a second language. The maps, pictures and icons help them a lot. Since having the new machines with the UCD, we have seen less requests for support on individual tasks. The operators are much more self-sufficient.”
    Lead Operator, Co-Packer
    “During peak season we have to hire lots of additional personnel. The Pearson HMI has helped us cut down on the training time.”
    Facility Supervisor, Food Packer
    “The reason we went with Pearson was because of the user interface. We were really impressed how easy it was to navigate. We also liked the maintenance alerts and ability to track if the tasks have been completed. Having our operators do simple clean and inspect jobs will free up quite a bit of time for our maintenance team.”
    Production Manager, Personal Products
  • “The first time I ever used it was at your facility, they actually had me do a changeover on the case erector. They showed me how to pick what recipe I needed and after that I was off to the races. It was very easy to navigate, I actually just trained somebody on it yesterday. I just showed them how to change a recipe and how to bring up the guides for the changeover and they did the rest by themselves. Makes it a lot easier for me, I can focus on training other newbies on the filler.”
    Lead Operator, Dairy Products Company
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Although User Centric Design features include both machine and HMI improvements, the graphical user-interface is undoubtedly at the heart of the UCD program. Contact us to request a demonstration of our newest enhancements!