Máquina como servicio

MaaS - An Alternative Purchasing Option

Automate now instead of putting it off due to limited funding. By choosing a use-based payment option, you pay per erected, sealed or palletized case instead of the equipment. Machine-as-a-Service (MaaS) aligns operational costs with production output. Simply said, when your production runs smoothly, so does our payment. How’s that for sharing the pain?

MaaS users can also access data beyond basic case counts - fault types and counts, uptime and downtime durations - data useful in identifying month-over-month trends, proactively spotting potential issues before unexpected downtime occurs, or highlighting the need for additional operator training.


When is MaaS the right solution?

- Risk Management -

If you select automation equipment, the following concerns have probably crossed your mind:

Will the equipment truly perform as promised?
Will their service team be timely and effective if needed?
How can we detect performance issues early?

Now you don’t have to 'hope for the best' anymore. Since only a well-running machine is a paying machine, our priorities are perfectly aligned with yours.

- No CapEx Funding -

You’ve got no shortage of automation needs, but funding is a different story?

Don’t delay automation paybacks. Now you can automate even if CapEx is unavailable. Efficiency gains from labor savings or increased throughput easily cover operating expenses and further reduce supply chain costs.

As minimum wages keep rising and labor not only becoming unreliable but also increasingly hard to find, can you afford not to automate?

FAQ: Machine as a Service (MaaS)

How does the program work?

We build and ship the equipment, provide start-up support, training and spare parts with no upfront cost to you. Users pay a per case rate.

Which machines qualify?

How long is the contract term?

There is no minimum contract term or case quantity/volume commitment. The machine can be run indefinitely. Pearson will supply a new machine when the total case output dictates it.

What are the requirements of Maas?

A persistent internet connection (hardwired or cellular) is necessary for collecting and sharing throughput data as well as performance information.

What are machine users responsible for?

Machine users are expected to adhere to the preventative maintenance program and maintain the machine in accordance with our machine manual.

What if there is an issue with the equipment?

Contact Pearson technical support if issues cannot be resolved in-house.

Remote access capability also facilitate Pearson’s ability to address issues proactively and troubleshoot and resolve issues remotely.