This article section features a number of technical notes and discussions, insight into Pearson's design and manufacturing philosophy as well as customer applications. Additional application discussions can be found under Case Studies.

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Trays Of Rolls

Robotic Tray Packing Solved with Pearson’s RTL-MX

Automated Top Loading for Randomly-Oriented, Easily-Damaged Products Application: A dedicated packing line for trays of frozen rolls  Speed: 68-88 products per minute depending on dual…

027 R3A0945 Scaled

Automatic Bag Loading and Palletizing Solved with Pearson’s RTL-MX and RPC

Compact Automated Pack and Palletizing Cell Loading Flexible Bags into Cases or Totes Application: Automation of the complete end-of-line packaging process for a new line…

Vertical Loading of Bags into boxes

Automated Bag Loading Application Solved with Pearson’s RTL-MX

Bag Loading Application Application: Loading 2x 8lb bags of powdered building products into a case Speed: 16 bags/min with capacity for 20 ROI Justification: Replacement…


Flexible case packing for tubes of personal lubricant solved with Pearson’s RTL-MX

Flexible case packing for loose & bundled tubes of personal lubricant Application: Loading tubes of individual and bundled personal lubricant into RSCs  Speed: 120 tubes…


Automatic Tray Loading and Unloading of Pouches Solved with Pearson’s RTL-MX

Loading and Unloading of Seafood Pouches into a Retort Tray System Application: Loading pouches of seafood into trays in preparation for the retort process, followed…

EOAT CountryPure

Small Footprint Robotic Palletizing Solved with Pearson’s Configurable RPC

Automatic Row Palletizing of Heavy RSC Cases Application: Palletizing RSC cases weighing up to 36lbs, including automatic pallet and slip sheet dispensing, 3 different case…

SnackCakes Scaled

Automatic Loading of Cartons into Cases Solved with Pearson’s RTL-MX

Automatic Case Packing of Cartons of Snack Cakes Application: Deploying reconfigured cases and pack patterns to improve pallet space utilization. The project replaces three 7yr…


Automated Case Packing of Flow-Wrapped Cookies Solved with Pearson’s RTL-MX

Case Packing of Flow-Wrapped Wafer Cookies Application: Loading several layers of multiple flow-wrapped tubes of round wafers into a case, separated by layer sheets Speed:…

RTLs 97.1.0 683x455crop

Pearson Packaging Systems Will Not Be Attending Pack Expo 2021

While it’s true that Pearson Packaging Systems will not attend the PMMI Pack Expo 2021 in Las Vegas, we are still here to support your…


Uses and Types of Secondary Packaging

Packaging identifies the product within, bundles multiple items together, protects them from damage during transit and shipping, and makes it easier for consumers to transport…