This article section features a number of technical notes and discussions, insight into Pearson's design and manufacturing philosophy as well as customer applications. Additional application discussions can be found under Case Studies.

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Robot Gear

Four factors in effective robot lubrication

Robot greasing is an important element in maintaining the overall efficiency of your secondary packaging equipment. Over time, grease breaks down from friction and subsequent…

Packaging Line Integration

Packaging Line Integration – Making the Case for OEMs

System integration is a crucial component of any effective secondary packaging operation, significantly improving efficiency, output and uptime. Traditionally, integration work was either performed in-house…

PackML Standard Machine Language

PackML Standardization – A Win-Win for Everybody

It’s not uncommon for secondary packaging systems to be comprised of a machine hodge-podge: a case erector and packer from one company, a sealer from…

Robotic Partition Insertion

Automated Partition Inserting: Robotic vs Mechanical Solutions

How Robots Are Improving Partition Inserting With so many loading technologies available, determining which one is best-suited to meet specific needs can be a challenge….

Robotic Palletizing at Amazon

Pearson Robotics in Action at Amazon

Amazon is on the forefront of automation, partnering with Pearson Packaging Systems to integrate robotic palletizers into Amazon’s North American operations. These machines have been…

Robotic system for olive producer Bell Carter

The road to robotics proves fruitful for U.S. olive producer

Background Bell-Carter Foods, Inc., based in Lafayette, California, has been producing and selling innovative, high-quality olive products for nearly a century. As the largest table…

Packing Twinkies

How End-of-Line Packaging Automation Supports Sustainable Economic Success

Background Information Hostess Brands, LLC – From Twinkies to Ho Hos, Ding Dongs and Cup Cakes, Hostess’s various product brands are a part of the…

Erecting small and irregular sized cases

Case Size & Shape Challenges

Erecting and Sealing Ultra-Small and Irregular Shaped Cases Under the pressure of big box and convenience stores working to increase supply chain efficiency, many manufacturers…

Pearson Packaging Systems Facility

How Kaizen helped Pearson overcome growing pains

Since last year, Pearson’s production floor has been busting at the seams, jam-packed with all types of secondary packaging equipment at various stages of completion…

Remote Access

Overcoming Security Concerns to Embrace Time and Cost Savings Benefits Automated packaging processes are designed to improve efficiencies by reducing costs and increasing output. When…