Integrated System

Case Erecting, Packing & Sealing for Vertical & Horizontal Wipe Products

This erect, pack and seal system by Pearson Packaging Systems packs wipe products horizontally into shipping cases or vertically into display places. It’s elongated end-of-arm tool achieves high pack rates, while a consistent HMI across all equipment supports operation, changeovers and troubleshooting. Plus, it comes with Remote Access capability, machine status lighting and safety redundancy.

Bulk Fill System for Snack Food

This Pearson bulk fill line comes with erect, pack, seal and palletize equipment, along with an integrated third-party filler to form and bottom seal cases, insert poly bags, fill boxes with bulk product, close poly bags, top seal cases, and palletize cases.

Pack, Seal & Palletize – Garbage Bag Rolls

This integrated system packs, seals and palletizes garbage bag rolls in a uniquely-styled case. AN integrated check-weigher and reject station enable quality assurance.

Erect, Pack, Seal, Palletize System – Wire Spools

This Erect, Pack, Seal, Palletize system flexibly accommodates challenging wire spool products.

Erect, Pack & Seal – Medical-Grade Wet Wipes

With consistent production rates of 160 products/minute, this erect, pack and seal system has a reduced footprint, automatic tool change, continuous motion, and articulated movement for packing in small, tight spaces.

Erect, Pack, Seal & Palletize – Laundry Scent Boosters

This household and personal care product manufacturer needed a full turnkey solution with production rates of 300 products/75 cases per minute, automatic tool change for fast, efficient changeovers, and the ability to accommodate both RSC and bliss boxes.

Integrated Robotic Palletizer & Pallet Handling System

This robotic palletizer and pallet-dispensing system supplies CHEP, GMA, or PECO pallets depending on need. Redundant power systems support continued operations even if part of the system is offline.

Bulk Fill System – PET Bottles

This bulk fill system consists of a CE35XL Case Erector, BI18 Bag Inserter, UC15 Uncuffer, CS25XL Case Sealer and configurable palletizing cell. It can flexibly handle multiple products and pack patterns on an adaptable line that can expand to accommodate new products.

Erect, Pack, Seal & Palletize System – Bags of Bottle Caps

In this application, a fully integrated erect, pack, seal and palletize system handles bags of bottle caps and large cases. The system consists of a CE35XL, a robotic top loader, a CS25XL and a robotic palletizer.