CE50-UG Case Erector

Running up to 50 cases per minute, this Case Erector is ideal for ultra small, irregular and standard cases.

CE50-G Case Erector

Pearson’s CE50-G Case Erector with hot melt glue closure provides industry leading output in a compact footprint. Its proven design, optimized in demanding real world applications, incorporates highly reliable servo motors on all major motions.

CE35-G Case Erector

Small-footprint case erector with hot melt glue closure and an optional low-level, vertical magazine loader. The CE35 Intermediate Frame models provide a solution for larger case ranges, while the CE35 undersized case model is ideal for erecting ultra small cases. Production rate of up to 35 cases per minute.

CE25-P Case Erector with In-line Printer Mount

Pearson’s CE25-P case erector comes with an in-line printer mount compatible with most industry printers. The machine makes case printing prior to forming possible, with rates up to 25 cases per minute. Within a small footprint, the machine can support up to four printers and is ideal for multi-SKU manufacturers looking to reduce corrugate cost.