Snack Cakes Line

Systems Floorplan Snack Cakes


1. Wide variety of case and pack patterns with a number of low volume specialty and seasonal products.

2. Fast case to product speed. In some cases a single product went into a single case.

3. Packing cartons into tight cases

4. Needed flexible solution due to speed and wide range of pack patterns


1. Discussed product volumes with customer and made decisions on a cost/benefit analysis to which products should be handled manually.  Included automated divert areas  to Pearson hand packing systems and hand palletizing areas for those products that would have significantly increased system cost.

2. Used robots with line tracking to keep cases and product continuously moving to eliminate the need to start and stop cases and increase throughput.

3. Used articulation of robot to get product into cases without the need for corner guides.

4. Designed an easily adjustable EOAT to handle variety of pack patterns.  Had the ability to implement auto tool change on robots if necessary.