Remote Access

Fast, efficient help without the expense of an on-site service technician, Remote Access is the single most effective way to increase response time and lower your maintenance cost.

Enabling Remote Access provides Pearson’s technical service team with the ability to address individual machine and engineered system performance issues or update PLC programs without being on-site. Working with your technician or engineer on-site, Pearson’s technical team can often resolve issues with minor changes to machine configuration settings or other parameters.

  • A Remote Access router mounted in the electrical cabinet allows secure Internet VPN connection to machines and systems
  • Access to the machines is managed by the customer
  • One router can support multiple machines per site
  • Internet connectivity is available via direct Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or cellular methods
  • On-line service support is included for the first year
  • Data-monitoring options are available for machine metrics reporting 

Security concerns such as connectivity to your internal network are addressed by:

  • A secure virtual private network (VPN), which is an encrypted connection
  • Cellular as opposed to Ethernet or Wi-Fi provides connectivity without the need for us to access your company network 

Remote Access

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We are also happy to address security concerns with your IT department.

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