RTL Carton/Case Packer

Carton/Case Packer

Robotic Top Loader

Pearson’s Robotic Top Loader (RTL) family offers flexible and reliable carton and case loading capabilities. With fast, pre-programmed changeovers, customizable end-of-arm tooling and fully-interlocked guarding, the RTL family of products can easily and safely pack a variety of product styles and pack patterns into cartons, cases and trays.

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  • Variable dependent on application
  • Up to 200 products/min
Product Handling / Pack Configurations
  • Wide range of pack patterns and product handling solutions
Key Differentiators
  • Articulated arm robot models
  • Custom end-of-arm tool
  • Fast - supported by scales, pointers, quick release handles
  • HMI graphical guided instructions
  • PackML compliant
  • UL listed control panel
  • Heavy duty welded tubular frame
  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • 7 in PanelView Color HMI
  • 10 in PanelView Color HMI
  • Servo controlled pick & place motions / case transfers
  • FANUC PMC / Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC
  • Bliss Display
  • Bliss Shipper
  • Flexible Package In Case
  • HSC
  • RSC
  • Standard Tray

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