Medical IV Bags

Systems Floorplan Medical Detail


1. High speed heavy liquid product coming in three lanes
2. Tight floor space
3. System required:

- Pamphlet insertion and verification
- Label printing, apply and verification
- Case check weighing and reject
- Pallet labeling
- Data collection and integration to customer’s MES system


1. Kept product in 3 lanes and used one single lane and one dual lane packer to handle speeds and product type

2. Worked in a consultative manner with customer to agree upon a layout that fit adequately into the space while maintaining necessary accumulation and buffering to keep system running through hiccups in process

3. Pearson adoption of the PackML standard allowed for data access necessary to integrate system and MES requirements.  Integrated 3rd party equipment to fill in Pearson’s equipment portfolio to provide a complete end of line erect-pack-seal-palletize solution.