Frozen Fish palletized by Robot on Rail

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1.  In excess of 14 different SKUs at any given time with only 6 cpm 

2.  5 degree Fahrenheit environment 

3.  Palletizing on slip sheets only, no pallets 

4.  Frozen product in cases,


1.  Robot on an RTU (Rail) to allow 1 robot to reach all 14 pallet stations 

2.  Worked closely with Fanuc Robotics to assure that rail, cables and robot would handle environment.  Specialty flexible cables for power and control, heated suit for robot and robot controller. 

3. Used heavy duty belt conveyors instead of standard roller or drag chain due to the combination of no pallets and environment. 

4. Product could have condensation on them or frost.  Made sure EOAT could handle variables in lifting the case.