Bags of Tomato Sauce

Systems Floorplan Tomato Sauce


1. Customer wanted automatic divert capability to hand pack area for test run products and in case any of the packing systems went down.

2. Heavy liquid product that tear dropped significantly when lifted

3. Product coming both broadside and narrow side leading depending on SKU

4. Product is larger than openings in bliss case

5. One product needed to be folded to go into the case opening


1. Used retracting nose conveyors to transfer 3 lanes of product onto a single cross conveyor to get product to hand pack station.  Include a case divert solution from Pearson Bliss Erectors to feed hand pack area and still be able run cases through automated case sealing, labeling and palletizing while still automatically packing same SKU on case packers.

2. Used liquid plenum design to successfully lift product and keep in control during transfer to bliss case

3. Used rotation on the case packer to handle variability in SKU rotation

4. Used the teardrop effect of product to get into opening in combination with funneling some product.  Designed special settler/corner tucker device to make sure product was all the way into the bliss case prior to sealing of the case.

5. Used specialty guides to fold the product in half during loading process.